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Developer who loves to help others
Developer who loves to help others

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Konke have launched an Indiegogo campaign for a new smart home kit!

Looks like they're targeting the English speaking market.
$179 for the kit for the first 100 backers.

Slightly off topic, but perhaps one of you will know of something...

I'd like a device that's basically a wifi-connected light switch that calls an on / off URL depending which state it's switched to. (Hopefully that makes sense.)

Anyone know of anything? Could basically be used as a light switch that turns the Small K on / off, for example 😊

If anyone has newer versions of the Kankun firmware than 3.3, I'd love to get hold of them and add them to the listing on

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Two new Mini Pros just arrived! Looking forward to seeing what I can manage with those.

Incidentally, Kankun appears to have either rebranded as Konke, or perhaps just market themselves differently depending on location.

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I've made an attempt to get the README for my kankun-manager project translated into Chinese. If anyone in this group can read it and let me know if there are errors (translation errors only please!) that'd be fantastic! 😄

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For anyone interested, I've released the Ansible deployment script I use to configure my Kankun switches.

Sure beats configuring them individually!

Also includes the `kankun-json` script that I've been working on again recently, with some assistance from +Matt Joyce and his excellent additions!

Pull requests always welcome to both projects!

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Hi Gents,

I really appreciate all your patience. The launch special starts today for 5 days.

The retail price of Ninebot One is just AUD $1150,00.

For members of the community, we will have Special Offer at AUD $999.00 or USD $ 815.00, free worldwide express shipping and an mysterious accessory gift.

If you are after this fantastic transportation robot, there is no better time to order it than now.


This offer ends 27/12/2014 17:00 AEST. 

Merry Christmas to you all.


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Today we're introducing Ghost Labs! Experimental settings and features within Ghost. Scary... err... exciting! Stuff. Find out more:

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Great little Community sharing information on e-unicycles! Considering investing in one myself...
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