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I saw this at my local docomo shop today: the Samsung's Galaxy Nexus SC-04D Premium Campaign.

From February 1st to March 31st 2012, those who have purchased/own a SC-04D* can receive both a "Google Original Rear Cover" and a "Pocket Charger 01" (both pictured in the leaflet) as a set present!

First come, first served. Limited to 20,000 applicants. Restrictions apply. See rules at your local docomo shop for details.

* Sorry, the "Global Model" is not eligible. You must have a Japanese Docomo SC-04D variant of the Galaxy Nexus and live in Japan.

To apply, go to a docomo store and use the standard browser on your SC-04D phone and input the QR code / URL.
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docomo said only 20k applicants. but GN is not selled so much. It does mean everybody will get those. congrat. * I went docomo shop on the last weekend, I confirmed FOMA phone + Xi contract is possible with monthly support, even It's non LTE phone. (But switch to Xi from Foma will lose monthly support)
+Minori MATSUDA You mean that if you buy a new FOMA phone and at the same time immediately start a Xi contract you get the monthly support. Basically, the phone never had a FOMA contract, only Xi.

Is this correct?
correct. e.g. Buy Galaxy Nexus with Xi contract = 1,785 JPY monthly cashback + Xi packet hodai flat 4,410 JPY and get free tethering. (I already made 2 FOMA contracts for my 2 Nexus, regretting) Changing phone from Xi -> Xi also can apply monthly support.
+Greg Conquest , take a look at these comments from +Minori MATSUDA if you are still on the fence about whether to buy an overseas Galaxy Nexus for use with Xi. Looks like you can get one straight from Docomo, with the monthly support (subsidy) and have a Xi Contract (if and only if you contract for Xi at the time of purchase).
+Willy Gee As you already know, monthly support was finished after phone itself price drop. That's the reason why you couldn't make contract about monthly support. If you still have question, please mention my name and I can notice it.
+Willy Gee I see. Then they might add NX to their non-supported list.
I applied that 2 (I have 2 Nexus) at 1st Feb, never get confirmation e-mail. It will deliver on April.
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