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The Giant Stop TTIP Pencil is coming to your town!
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I would buy one...
Flip phones used to rule the world. Just ask...
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+Jared Decker loved my old G2.....
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Janusz Barbacki

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"Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is built on a blockchain, and has a decentralized mining network. Its coins are called “Ethers”; it raised its millions in seed money by pre-mining and selling a large quantity of ethers to believers/investors. But its scripting language is Turing-complete and full-featured, which vastly expands the kinds of smart contracts that it supports. Indeed, Ethereum is intended not as a new cryptocurrency, but as a massive virtual machine running atop a decentralized blockchain."
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Janusz Barbacki

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Canon night vision camera
Canon just announced the ME20F-SH, a full-frame 35mm camera with the ability to reach an astonishing 4,000,000 ISO. 
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Janusz Barbacki

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"The dream of a mega highway connecting London and New York could soon be a reality. As of March, the project has officially been named the “Trans-Eurasian Belt Development” (TEPR)."
A plan for a epic bridge connecting Russia’s easternmost border with Alaska’s westernmost border could soon be a reality. Its the most epic road-trip ever.
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Janusz Barbacki

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This is the second highest level we have ever seen recorded.
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Iran has confirmed that a meteor has hit somewhere in the northern part of the country
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Janusz Barbacki

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Application Benchmarks. Take a look back at how Intel CPUs have progressed over the years. We're testing and comparing the original Core 2 Duo CPUs against the Nehalem-based Core i5-760 and Core i7-870, the Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K and Core i7-2700K chips, and then to the current generation Haswell Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 parts. Then and Now: Almost 10 Years of Intel CPUs Compared.
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Janusz Barbacki

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Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is immensely popular, with 14 million downloads in just two days. The price of the free upgrade may just be your privacy, though, as changing Windows 10’s intrusive default settings is difficult.
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I liken Windows to the act of launching monkeys into space.
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I don't belive in anything... exept Murphy's Laws
Pro IT shaman. Geek, Web Developer and cat lover. 

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I will create 3D models from any design for BitCoins
Django development, LAMP and medium network administration, php, java, android dev, 3d modelling an many more.
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    Stworzenie i utrzymanie systemu CRM. Utrzymanie infrastruktury IT w firmie. Help-desk dla pracowników firmy. Doradztwo w sprawach usług, sprzętu IT i oprogramowania
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    Web Developer, Personal data Administrator, 2010 - 2012
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    Frellance web developer and IT technician, 2009 - 2010
  • European college of computer science and economy in Warsaw
    LAN/IT/Web Administrator. Web designer and developer, 2008 - 2009
  • Maxima Computers
    Service technician, 2007 - 2007
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Opłata reprograficzna, nazywana też opłatą CL, podatkiem od piractwa lub "haraczem dla ZAiKS-u", istnieje w Polsce już od dłuższego czasu. M