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The Giant Stop TTIP Pencil is coming to your town!
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Actually, what if they die - they're not THAT young, will Monsanto take over or will the GOP walk it alone with their tame rednecks ?
I don't know why the earlier poster disabled comments.
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Answering your question.Being rich is multi-generation business. Most of them inherited their wealth, grew it and will pass it to their children. I'm sure the plans they have are also multi-generation, inherited from their families and adapted along the way to changing world. If you look it up you will see most of this rich families can be traced back to kings and monarchs(wealthy people) for hundreds years to the past. And that's what in my opinion is the worst. Not only they don't have a clue a about how "peasants" live but nor their parent or grandparents (and so on) do.
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Helikoptery to maszyny lotnicze przeznaczone do bardzo specyficznych celów. Służą do przewożenia ludzi i ładunków na stosunkowo nieduże dystanse. Nie są tak szybkie jak samoloty i ich zasięg jest wiel...
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Click "more" to  see Tsipras speech translations. Thanks +Fabio Sau - no news outlet I know bothered to translate the whole thing.
Provided that no one should ever pretend to live above her own means,

I stand with Greece!

To Hell loan sharks, bankers, and EU sodomites.

Alexis Tsipras Address to the People of Greece (English Translation)

"My fellow Greeks,

For the past six months the Greek government has been giving battle in conditions of unprecedented economic asphyxiation, to implement your mandate, of Jan. 25. It was a mandate to negotiate with our partners to end austerity and to restore prosperity and social justice to our country.

(It was) for a viable agreement which would respect both democracy, common European rules and would lead to a definitive exit from the crisis.

Throughout this negotiation period, we were asked to adopt bailout agreements which were agreed with previous governments, even though these were categorically condemned by the Greek people in the recent elections.

But we did not, even for a moment, contemplate yielding. That is, to effectively betray your own trust.

After five months of tough negotiations our partners, unfortunately, concluded at the Eurogroup the day before last with a proposal, an ultimatum, to the Hellenic Republic and the Greek people.

An ultimatum which contravenes the founding principles and values of Europe. The value of our common European structure.

The Greek government was asked to accept a proposal which accumulates unbearable new burdens on the Greek people and undermines the recovery of Greek society and its economy, not only maintaining uncertainty, but by amplifying social imbalances even further.

The proposals of the institutions include measures which lead to a further detribalization of the labor market, pension cutbacks, new reductions in public sector salaries and an increase in VAT on food, eateries and tourism, with an elimination of tax breaks on the islands.

These proposals clearly violate European social rules and fundamental rights to work, equality and to dignity, proving that the aim of some partners and institutions was not a viable and beneficial agreement for all sides, but the humiliation of the entire Greek people.

These proposals prove the fixation, primarily of the International Monetary Fund, to tough and punitive austerity.

It makes it more imperative than ever that leading European forces rise to the occasion and take initiatives which will draw a line under Greek debt, a crisis which also affects other European countries, threatening the future of European unification.

My fellow Greeks, we are now burdened with the historic responsibility, (in homage to) to the struggles of the Hellenic people, to enshrine democracy and our national sovereignty.

It is a responsibility to the future of our country. And that responsibility compels us to answer to this ultimatum based on the will of the Greek people.

A while ago I convened the cabinet, where I suggested a referendum for the Greek people to decide in sovereignty.

The suggestion was unanimously accepted.

Tomorrow the plenary of the Greek parliament will convene to ratify the proposal of the cabinet for a referendum next Sunday, July 5, posing the question of the acceptance or rejection of the proposal by the institutions.

I have already communicated my decision to the President of France and the German Chancellor, the President of the ECB, while tomorrow in correspondence to the EU leaders and institutions I will formally request a few days extension of the (bailout) program so the Greek people can decide, free of pressure or coercion, as is dictated by the Constitution of our country and the democratic tradition of Europe.

My fellow Greeks,

To this blackmail-ultimatum, for the acceptance on our part of a strict and humiliating austerity (proposal), and with no end to it in sight nor with the prospect of allowing us to ever stand on our feet economically or socially, I call upon you to decide sovereignly and proudly, as the history of Greeks dictates.

To this autocratic and harsh austerity, we should respond with democracy, with composure and decisiveness.

Greece, the cradle of democracy, should send a strong democratic answer to Europe and the world community.

I am personally committed to respect the result of your democratic choices, whatever those may be.

I am absolutely certain your choice will honor the history of our country, and send a message of dignity to the whole world.

In these crucial hours, we must all remember Europe is the common home of its people. There are no owners or guests in Europe.

Greece is, and will remain an indispensable part of Europe and Europe an indispensable part of Greece. But Greece without democracy is a Europe without identity or a compass.

I call upon you all to take the decisions worthy of us.

For us, future generations, for the history of Greeks.

For the sovereignty and dignity of our people."
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Business and industry alliance sets out climate ‘principles’, including that climate policy should be ‘capable of achieving deep reductions’ in emissions
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Have him in circles
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Don't risk it !
Watch TV and hope for the best !
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I don't agree... but it's Wozniak speaking
Speaking at the Freescale Technology Forum about the growth of artificial intelligence, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has claimed that one day robots will be in charge and will treat humans as their pets.
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L Hicks
+Joe Hodge III
I stand corrected on 'hacker', and I apologize for falling into meme-iness in using the term as I did.  We need a new short reference for those who devise and implement methods to subvert and/or exploit computational resources in ways that are antithetical to commonly accepted human rights.  Terms like 'cyber criminal' and your own "spooky computer terrorists" do not sufficiently capture the full range of possibilities, viz corporate and governmental activities.

As to my other point—no, guarding against those who would seek to control sentient AIs as outlined above is not a secondary concern.  The Snowden incident and the ubiquitous infiltration of government and business servers, demonstrate the issue.

Perhaps I misunderstand your meaning, but thinking that a sentient AI must exist before we have to worry about those with bad (or officially sanctioned) intent seems short-sighted to me.  When I say that we should be concerned more with security than with the advent of sentient AIs, it's a call to begin discussion of the security issues with enough focus to 'catch up' with all the speculation about what those AIs would do to humans.  Let me illustrate the point further: how do you know whom to trust, and what would you do if you felt threatened or knew you were under attack?  Why would a sentient AI be any different?
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Dreams Defrag Our Brains

Artificial Intelligence probably requires artificial dreams as well ... 

After reading the article below it now makes perfect sense to me. Dreams are about "imagining" possible courses of action we might take in the future. By imagining them beforehand we can use our existing knowledge to figure out the possible consequences and probabilities of different actions and outcomes. We can "practice" our different possible mental reactions beforehand to make us better prepared  to repeat similar ones in the actual situation. 

Our bodies need rest, and to get it we need to go into the state called "sleep" where sensory distractions are blocked (so we don't spend our energy in responding to them).  But then is there something  useful the brain can do without any sensory inputs? Yes, it can imagine and pre-practice our possible reactions to future events, when we are awake. Sleep allows us to "defragment" our brain to make it work more efficiently - just like a hard-drive. And we don't usually defrag our hard-drives during the day while working on the computer, because it slows it down. It's better to start in the evening and have it finished by the morning. 

We don't have time to defragment our brain  during the day when we need to react to real challenges in our environment. We don't have time to "day-dream".  If we do it often has bad consequences, like driving your car into a tree.  Dreams are about preparing for the future day-time use of our brain, much like defragging your hard-drive during the night makes it perform better next day.
When they see a treat they can’t reach, rats' later dreams depict them walking toward it, researchers have found.
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Happy 4th Birthday +Google+​!

Over the past 4 years, this social platform has impacted my life, changing it for the better. I've met countless, amazing G+ers that have become very close friends, building long lasting relationships and I've also embarked on a new career path thanks to the nature of this platform. There's no doubt in mind that the core community of this network includes the most engaging people out there.

Google, thanks for building it and to all of you, thanks for making what it is, a true social network, something beyond status updates.

Happy Birthday again +Google+​ and +Google+ Developers​! Here's to many, many more. Fingers crossed.

Let's let Google know why they should continue to invest in this value added, life changing service.
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I don't belive in anything... exept Murphy's Laws
Pro IT shaman. Geek, Web Developer and cat lover. 

Bragging rights
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I will create 3D models from any design for BitCoins
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