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Humanized websites where I post drawings and stuff.
This drawing will of course be posted on all of them.
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People on Tumblr are all pissed, while Twitters and Plussers are party people?
Google+ and Twitter are the cutest. :-)
However G+ is just beginning, and not every one have a G+ account or never use it. 
Can You Make Google More Red? She Will Look Prettier :D
Im not even from the Scandinavian countries and don't really care about all that but seeing them as people is so cute :3
i'm google+...Hurrrrray
Hahaha facebook one is so true .. you can open anyone's profile and see it for yourself hehe
Lawlz...G+ is like the bitchy rich girl with A type personality know-it-all book smarts that has no social skills and wonders why she isn't as popular as facebook.
+Ikaika Arnado good thing facebook isnt important...and facebook looks like the bitchy one...this is a known fact..... :\
love how twitter is jumping in on facebook's pic....facebook will soon join myspace in internet limbo
+Kailyn Burke facebook is the social network. Everyone from all walks of society use it. G+ is a small niche of tech nerds.

Google doesn't get social networking. It never has and never will. If facebook falls it's going to be at the hands of another tech company. Google doesn't have the foresight to pull it off.
+Ikaika Arnado A) ur on G+, B) Google is amazing and can do whatever they want to do...they really have people's hearts in mind, just read "About Google" on the main Google page. ur comment just shows how close-minded u are, and progress will leave u in the dust.
I just realised this post now shows up in What's Hot.
Excuse me while I feel succesful.
Liz G.
"My post got Hot on G+?


Yes, yes it did. Figured I'd reply here instead of on DA!
Haha Twitter photo-bombing! Love the attitude of Tumblr and G+ (^_^) ...Much respect to deviantArt. Great post +Janus Valberg-Madsen! 
<3 , liked em all except twitter and facebook <3 awesome!
Cute.. ;) permission to share
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