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Jannik Lindquist
philosopher, father, son, brother, friend, luteplayer, photographer, western connoisseur, Google geek
philosopher, father, son, brother, friend, luteplayer, photographer, western connoisseur, Google geek

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It seems to be a new thing that we have to have the status bar visible in the Google+. Or am I wrong?

"What, then, is good? Knowledge of the facts. What is bad? Ignorance of the facts"

- Seneca, Letters 31.6

"People aren’t harmed by insults, they’re offended by them. Even so, the weakness and insincerity of the spirit is such that certain people think nothing is more distressing than an insult. As a result, you can find slaves who prefer to be beaten with whips than to be slapped in the face, and who think that sticks and stones, even death, are more tolerable than insulting words"

- Seneca, On the Resolute Nature of the Wise Man, 1.5.1

"There is but one good, and that is both the cause and the mainstay of happiness: trust in oneself"

- Seneca, Letters 72.3

Seneca didn't think of himself as teacher but as a fellow patient. And he often reminds us that he is quite certain that he himself will never become fully wise. He is content if he will make a little bit of progress, he says. In fact, he frequently says that it is quite easy to make progress. The tricky part is not to give up when the target seems impossible to reach. In letter 89 he says that we shouldn't think of the target as separated from us by a great distance. The moment we strive towards wisdom we have already partly reached the goal.

"Wisdom is the perfect good of the human mind; philosophy is the love of wisdom, and the endeavour to attain it. The latter strives toward the goal which the former has already reached. And it is clear why philosophy was so called. For it acknowledges by its very name the object of its love"

- Seneca, Letters 89.4

"philosophy cannot exist without virtue, nor virtue without philosophy. Philosophy is the study of virtue, by means, however, of virtue itself; but neither can virtue exist without the study of itself, nor can the study of virtue exist without virtue itself. For it is not like trying to hit a target at long range, where the shooter and the object to be shot at are in different places. Nor, as roads which lead into a city, are the approaches to virtue situated outside virtue herself; the path by which one reaches virtue leads by way of virtue herself; philosophy and virtue cling closely together"

- Seneca, Letters 89.8

#stoicism #progress  #wisdom

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"We need to counteract all these examples that crowd into our eyes and ears, and empty the load of harmful speech from our hearts. Virtue must be brought into the place that such talk has occupied, to root out the lies and false ideas, to set us apart from the populace that we too readily trust, and to bring us back to sound opinions. This, in fact, is wisdom: returning to nature and being restored to the condition from which the general errors have banished us. Sanity consists largely in abandoning the advocates of insanity and getting faraway from an association that is mutually harmful. To know that this is correct, you just need to notice how differently each person behaves in public from when he is by himself. Not that solitude as such teaches innocence any more than the countryside teaches plain living, but when witnesses and onlookers are absent, there is a reduction in those faults that profit from being displayed and seen. What man dresses in purple raiment that will be shown to no one? Who feasts in secret on golden plates? Who lies down under the shade of some rural tree and displays his splendid luxury all alone? No one gets dressed up just for his own eyes, or even for a few close friends: he extends the trappings of his faults as the crowd of onlookers increases. That’s how things are. Every insane desire is exacerbated by people who admire it and are in on it. If you curb our display, you will curb our longings. Ambition, luxury, and caprice need a stage; you will cure them if you keep them from being viewed".

- Seneca, Letters 94.68-71

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The next Stoicon will take place in Toronto 

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Another shot from yesterday 

“How much progress can I make?” you say. As much as you attempt. What are you waiting for? No one attains wisdom merely by chance. Money will come of its own accord; public office will be conferred on you; popularity and influence will perhaps be accorded you without any action on your part; virtue, though, will not just happen to you. The work it takes to recognize it is neither easy nor short; but the effort is worth making, for by it one will take possession of every good at once. For there is but one - the honorable. You will find nothing real, nothing sure, in those things that reputation favors"

- Seneca, Letters 76.5-6

#stoicism #wisdom #progress 
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