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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Seriously most Copenhageners badmouth The Little Mermaid as well, because she's so tiny and pathetic.
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fair enough, I should clarify that only some Danes are defensive of The Little Mermaid
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Special characters missing from the Danish language version (æøåé). Is there a way to change the in-app language without changing it system-wide?
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Thanks for tip. Will give it a try later today.
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This baffled me while watching the episode as well. Unfortunately the show has deeper problems than this.
Hackers in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Can Control Traffic With Video Files

I do like Agents of SHIELD (fuck those periods). I really do. And I'm going to keep watching it. But you know what? You're making it hard for me, show. You're making it really friggin' hard for me to take a Disney-run television show about superheroes seriously when I see shit like this.

In episode 5, a Super Hacker Guy is fleeing from SHIELD agents. In order to get away, he has to do what every hacker since Cereal Killer could do: completely fuck up traffic at the push of a button. Which is honestly not all that hard for me to accept in a show. It's a cool idea and even if it's totally implausible, what tech nerd doesn't want to have that power?

Except the screenshot below shows how he does this: by tapping on something called "Gridlock.mp4" in a video player app.

..................Oh, for fuck's sake.

For starters, this "hacker" is using an app called Act 1 Video Player(1). The screenshot of this app on the Play Store shows a fucking Froyo device. Not even Gingerbread. Mercifully, the version in the show at least shows the very recently-added Action Bar as well as what must at least be a Gingerbread status bar (though it's more likely just a GS4 since Samsung still uses green icons).

But I could deal with that, you know? I could totally believe that some hacker is using an ugly, piece of crap app that no one with a modicum of design sense (except strict adherence to certain Holo rules like the Action Bar) would install to accomplish some specific task. But, MP4? This just screams "Look, we need to put something on a phone display and I don't really care what it is. Just make sure it looks 'techy'."

I have a certain set of standards for realism in my television shows that feature made-up gravity-altering elements, people who can create fire from nothing, damaged airplanes that can be repaired with a ripped life raft, and dudes who come back from the dead with minor inflammation of the vague mystery. Those standards at least involve showing a hacker run a command by doing something other than play a video.

Also, a note to the guy who had to put this shot together: you could've accomplished the exact same thing by creating a file called "gridlock.apk" and opening it in a fucking download/file manager app. It still would've been silly, since running an APK only installs an app, it doesn't actually do things immediately, but at least it would've just been an oversimplification instead of just outright absurdity. Plus, it would look exactly the fucking same.

....There. I said it. I feel better.

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Jannik Hansen

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+3 Danmark er der nogen tidshorisont for hvornår vi får Sony Z1 at se på vores breddegrader?
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Synes jeg har set ca 1 oktober..
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A reddit post today made me remember the amazing score to the awesome 1997 game, Outlaws

#music   #gamemusic   #scores   
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Jannik Hansen

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"He's the hero Camelot deserves, but not the one it needs right now."
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Have him in circles
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EvolveSMS has really "evolved" since it was first released. You should give it another try +Ron Richards. Maybe in the arena? It really has improved leaps and bounds in both speed and features thanks to almost daily updates to the app.

I wrote the developer about a problem with the Danish translation, and it was fixed within hours.

Best Android texting app in my opinion
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Jannik Hansen

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SlideSMS getting slidier and purdier :)
Welcome to the future.

Today, +Luke Klinker and I are announcing the release of two new apps that we’ve been working on for the past few months in our free time. I’ve been creating EvolveSMS and Luke has worked on Talon for Twitter, two of the most beautiful and functional apps that I’ve seen in their respective categories – you’re going to like what you see ;) I’ll be focusing on Evolve here though for the most part!

I set out with Evolve to build an app that capitalizes on what Sliding Messaging does right and minimizes what was never really done right. With Evolve, I’m taking a different approach and making it how I want to make it. You’ll still find all of the features that make a great SMS app, but the whole thing is much sleeker, simpler, and even more beautiful. I wanted to make something that just works for every user out there, whether that is my grandma who just got an Android phone, the girl I’m sitting next to in class and hitting on instead of listening to lecture, or any of you out there who are reading this post who know your way around Android. That just wasn’t possible to do with Sliding Messaging anymore. All of the “customization” and gigantic settings menu was slowing things down (startup speed, lagginess in the app, etc.) and making it too confusing for anyone to be able to use without hours to spend to go through every option available.

Therefore, I give you EvolveSMS. This feature packed – yet still extremely lightweight – messaging replacement app is everything that you could ever want in a messaging app, and everything that Google didn’t give us in Hangouts. Feel completely immersed in the app with a design that flows freely between, you, all your friends, and Android. And the best part… its completely free of a pricetag and ads. Here’s a list of some of the features:

- A beautiful and smooth interface for sliding between conversations so everything is just a swipe away
- Full multimedia support including sending pictures, videos, audio, contacts, GIFs and your location
- A popup that allows you full access to anything in the app and looks great
- Group messaging support
- Full Light Flow support
- 2 different widgets with lockscreen support
- Swipe to delete conversations
- Batch deleting messages
- Archiving messages
- Fully customizable notifications
- Password protection
- Full emoji support (850+ emojis, Android or iOS 7 style)
- 3 theme options: light, dark and black
- 3 different layouts: Evolve, Hangouts, and Classic
- Facebook and Google+ cover photo integration
- Facebook contact photo integration
- Night mode
- Message backup through Dropbox
- Templates
- Scheduled SMS messages
- Personalized mass messages
- And much more :)

The app takes full advantage of all of the style changes introduced in KitKat, so you’ll get even more out of it if you’re running the latest version of Android. But of course, it also looks amazing on any previous version of Android as well, so anyone can enjoy it as long as you are running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher!

Download link: 

Contact Information (Jake Klinker, me):
YouTube Demo: EvolveSMS Demo
Google+ Beta Page:
XDA Post: coming soon

- Luke Klinker: ideas support and everything in between
- Aaron Klinker: Evolve’s beautiful icon
- All of the people out there who create open source software and make Android special!

Now, don’t waste any time! Go download the app, check it out, leave a review (preferably a 5 start one), and start enjoying it. Also, it’s time to go and check out Luke’s app as well, you’ll love it just as much as EvolveSMS. Been using it for months now and it’s turned into the best Twitter client available, beating out my long time standing favorite Falcon Pro. So just go and download it. Right now. :)

Thanks for reading and enjoy the apps! Oh, and if you like the apps, support us most of all by spreading the word and telling everyone to try them out!

#evolvesms #talonfortwitter #slidingmessaging
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Jannik Hansen

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Som skrevet står, her er de nye apps der er med i Kit Kat pakken.
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Hvis du gerne vil have den nye Hangout app og alle de andre nye apps i Kitkat android version 4.4 kan du finde dem her:
Der ydes ingen support :-)
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Det fungerer glimrende, men det var reelt set ikke det jeg havde ønsket mig.
Jeg ville gerne have en iMessage-lignende oplevelse, hvor SMS kunne bruges som fallback, hvis ens kontaktperson ikke bruger Hangouts.
Det er kun 2-3 af de personer jeg kommunikerer jævnligt med, der ikke benytter Hangouts, så det ville være rart hvis jeg stadig kunne skrive til dem fra min computer, og det så ville blive videresendt fra appen på min telefon.
Grunden til at jeg primært bruger Hangouts til kommunikation er, at det er lettest for mig ikke at skulle sidde og fedte med telefonen hele tiden, men kan bruge et rigtigt keyboard.
Desuden ville jeg foretrække at SMS og Hangout-beskeder blev slået sammen i en tråd.
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Jannik Hansen

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What happens when the girlfriend gets hold of my phone
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