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Am I the only one that doesn't get any use at all out of Google Now transit notifications? Seems like Google gets my mode of transportation wrong 100% of the time, even though it could pick up on clues.

For example, if I Google Map the way to drive to an address in Mountain View, and then use Google Maps Navigation to get there - why does Google Now give me public transit-based notifications on how to get back home?

And if I take Bart to work, and then have a meeting a few blocks away, why would it tell me when I would have to leave if I had a car?
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I find Google Now useless full stop, it tells me about places I don't care about, tells me I'm going to be late for work on my day off even though it's in my calendar. Everyone in the U.S says how good it is but in the U.K, not so much.
Yeah it's pretty bad for me, too. It suggests public transport for places that are just around the corner, just because it's my default setting. 
+Mark Dodsworth I actually do use it for weather, shipping info and occasionally some other information, but the transit stuff is kind of silly. It also seems like Google is replicating similar functionality across different products without connecting each of them. Reminders in Google Plus don't become calendar items, etc etc
I have an odd schedule, and it never knows if I'm coming or going.
These issues/problems sound like they're user base.

Check what transportation type you have chosen.
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