Here's a bit of media codec inside baseball:

After Cisco pulled off a coup by freely giving away h.264 as part of a binary plugin-like thingie late last year in part because h.264 licensing fees are capped, some people were fearing that these caps may go away. +Monty Montgomery recently discovered that VIA's newly-revised AAC licensing terms in fact don't mention a cap anymore:

I asked VIA about it, and got this reply from a spokesperson:

"The AAC license fees were recently revised in order to simplify the licensing program. Whereas the program used to feature multiple fee schedules for different product categories, now there is a single fee schedule with no distinction between "consumer" and "professional" products.
The capped "PC Software" pricing and flat-rate "PC Enabling Software" pricing remain available. However, because of past confusion as to the types of products that fit within these categories, under the new terms, products must be approved by Via before they can be reported in these categories."

So caps are still in place, but one could of course imagine that the new approval process may take a closer look at what people are applying for...
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