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Janita Docherty
CyberActive Services offers Internet Safety Presentations with a proactive approach, empowering users to protect themselves online.
CyberActive Services offers Internet Safety Presentations with a proactive approach, empowering users to protect themselves online.


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I know for some this information will be controversial. However, I also believe Sabine El Gemayel, producer and director of the film Generation Zapped,
along with many specialists who have a piece in this documentary, do share some eye opening and staggering results.
I believe this research is necessary and made a donation to the Generation Zapped indiegogo page.
At the very least take a look at the trailer and even if you start to make small changes to how you use technology, especially where young people and small children are connecting online, it may actually be helpful to our overall well-being.

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The popup messages that Google added include buttons that allow users to quickly reverse the actions of the malicious extensions.

#Google #OnlineSafety #GoogleChrome #PreventHacks

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Heard about the Spotafriend App? Read more on my Note here;

#cybersafety #Teensonline #AppAwareness #ChildSafety

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Facebook today launched 'Watch'! A new feature to watch videos and movies, personalized to help you discover new shows, organized around what your friends and communities are watching.
#Facebook #movies #video #friendsonline

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This is a new digital drawing prop designed for my primary school cybersafety sessions. I've named this one 'Appie'! Can't wait to try it out with students and schools booked in for workshops around Australia.
Thanks to ArtisticIntent for their skills.

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Albeit this form of harassment now uses videos - its not a new phenomenan.
In 2011, I initiated the first prosecution charge against FB page admins, who were naming and shaming teens regarding fake sexual encounters.

The FB accounts were known as 'root rate' pages and they were made with the names of local communities and states across Australia (example Victoria Root Rate page). In my Case the admins were charged which was the first in Victorian law using legislation suited to Social Media. That was 6 years ago and a defining moment in gaining a win for young victims, of online harassment situations.

Dont be afraid to report situations of online bullying - people misusing services need to be held accountable for their actions and distress they cause others.

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As well as my Note (attached) regarding some new teen apps like Melon and Sarahah - another couple of recent up and comers are here:

= Pindoo - gps based to share events and meet ups in your neighborhood, some can be shared secretly.

= Snow - current trend of teens gravitating to this video messaging app with selfie filters and features similar to snapchat.

Parents check phones to ensure children are within the age range of apps they use. Hold an open and non judgmental conversation regarding the App use while reasoning with your child on whether they truly need to use it.

Stay safe online - Janita.

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The business of short text stories being made public and shared by creative individuals is one thing, but using the Apps to create unverified scaremongering stories is another. Read about the 3 latest apps causing a stir in my Facebook blog Note!

#APPS #OnlineSafety #TeensOnline #AnonChat #Cybersafety

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TINDER App’s new navigation, swiping is taking a back seat!
You can now move backward and forward between photos just by tapping instead.

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CyberActive Services complete coverage on How To Turn Off Snap Map Location for your account.
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