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I take my job as a parent very seriously (I can't think of a more important one), am getting my feet wet in various programming languages/platforms/environments, and develop a wee for Android.
I take my job as a parent very seriously (I can't think of a more important one), am getting my feet wet in various programming languages/platforms/environments, and develop a wee for Android.
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I seldom get up at night without hitting pause, but last night I did three times, and the awake detection didn't detect it, but Google Fit logged the steps. I've also had quite a bit of time in bed in the last year where the app said I was awake, but I don't recall being so.

I've noticed Awake Detection is still marked as Beta. Is anything happening with this? Should I turn it off?

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Very cool.

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Castles on mountains have always fared better.
Why Government Software Should Be Open-Source

Bulgaria just did something revolutionary, and just a tiny bit crazy; they’ve signed in a few new laws concerning software used by their government that, among other things, stipulate that all government software must be open-source, and must be developed and maintained in public repositories. The new laws are not independent, but instead stand as amendments to their Electronic Governance Act. The law also talks about free and public APIs, easy multi-ecosystem implementation, and a number of other things all targeted at making government software as open, transparent and friendly as possible.

The reasons for choosing to go with a strict policy against the use of closed-source software are many and varied, running the gamut from cost to ease of implementation, but in the end, they all have a common thread; they essentially boil down to some sort of benefit for the citizens at large. Open-source software is generally cheaper and easier to obtain than the closed-source variety, in most cases being completely free. This means that the government department looking for software does not have to use some of their budget on it. In turn, this means less taxpayer money is being used, and taxes may end up being just a hair lower as a result.

Other benefits though also are:
1. Governments can easily find software from other governments that already work in an government environment.
2. Any financial investment spent on support or training, can be spent 100% locally in that country.
3. The software can be adapted to other languages or other local needs.
4. No lock-in to an ever increasing annual license fee (usually a foreign one).
5. Local startup businesses can either provide paid support to their government, or could freely use the software in running their own businesses (in-house use or selling a support service to other businesses).
6. Generally it can stimulate a local IT industry within a country.
7. It is usually more standards based and more easily inter-operable with other open source software in use.
8. It is more future proof because there is no proprietary company that can go out of business, and no-one then knows how to access the data in 10 years time.
9. Open source software repositories are already setup to help facilitate sharing of knowledge and support amongst users of the software.


#FOSS #government

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This is definitely education more like growth than the US's current manufacturing-like model.

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20160628 version

Before I ended the session, I had a full graph with peaks about where I expected them. I did notice my watch (Gear Live) battery died (started the night at (90-odd%), so before I stopped "sleeping" I plugged it in and made sure it was connected to my phone (Note4), which historically has at least given me end-of-night data.

Why would I get a visual of data and then see it not recorded? Is there something I can do differently? Can I send a log?

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I was here on the G+ Beta COmmunity. Just clicked on a link. This is via Chrome on PC.

I still haven't figured out how to get the sunrise with the mask working. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is this working?
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