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Nervously excited about tomorrow night's #blogchat as my cries for help with a possible redesign. +Mack Collier put out a call for interested bloggers to step up and I got selected! I've been thinking about it a while and a bit overwhelmed at some of the options, etc. You can check out what I am looking for as well as what the other three blogs selected are up to. 

I have written a post about it too
If you haven't heard of or see the documentary Years of Living Dangerously, you really should watch this today. It's an hour of great video and you learn something.

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If you don't get why so many people talk about climate change, this video will help you get it. It's a Showtime documentary, the Years of Living Dangerously.
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Agreed. Also caught part of the hangout you got underway. :)

Janice Person

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J in St. Louis? John Goodman, Joplin House, Jefferson Barracks, the Jewel Box and the Jefferson National Expansion! It was a long post to write but so much to learn about #STL as we celebrate 250 years. 
The letter J in St. Louis brings up a diverse group of topics -- John Goodman, Joplin House, Jefferson Barracks and the Jefferson National Expansion.
G is for Grant's Farm! Also the Gateway City, Gooey Bitter Cake and Gus' Pretzels -- still need to try Gus' though! 

#STL   #stlouis   #atozchallenge  
Pretty cool idea to #prankitforward  in such a positive way! 
This is such a great idea. After you wipe the tears of joy from your eyes, please press SHARE and get this project some attention and love, okay? 
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Looking forward to being in DC with a lot of folks in agriculture... I'll be the crops person in the midst of the livestock peeps! :) 
Cracking The Code: Millennials - What do millennials want & and how can they help agriculture? 


Emily Meredith, communications director for the Animal Agriculture Alliance, shares that the Alliance's conference focus is Millennials. 

Millennials, those born between 1980 and 1996, are now at the point in their life where they are having children. This means they are defining their own buying habits for meat, milk, and eggs and they are passing those view points on to their children. This groups' buying habit now strongly shapes the agriculture industry.

More information on the 2014 conference:


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I've already had someone point out that Laclede should read Laclede's Landing but no, I wanted Lacleded. Pretty important figure in #STL  history! 
Laclede Landing got its name from the French fur trader who came up river & settled the area now St. Louis. Other Ls to know? Lemp Mansion & Lewis & Clark.
I never thought I'd be a hockey fan, but something about #STL is getting to me. The sport and the enthusiasm that goes with it are really contagious! Of course H is also for St. Louis' Italian neighborhood The Hill! Love that area and need to check out the Hi-Pointe & Hodaks!

#atozchallenge   #atozchallenge2014  
Hockey is a highlight in St. Louis, just like The Hill, the Hi-Pointe Theater and Hodak's Chicken! One of a continuing series of St. Louis A to Z.
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Love Forest Park! It was an easy choice for the letter F is my #atozchallenge  on #STL! There are some other great pieces to acknowledge too though. 
The city of St. Louis has something that really sets it apart -- Forest Park! It is by far St. Louis' leading attraction that starts with F but the Fox Theater, farmers market and Frostbite

Janice Person

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Hey folks! I'm doing a blogging challenge this month and showcasing various things in the area with a theme of a different letter each day. Hope it proves to be a good resource for me & others! 
In my  #atozchallenge  covering #STL I am covering B today. There are several awesome things to know about when it comes to B! 

What are some of the things you must know about St. Louis? There are several attractions that start the letter B starting with the botanical garden!
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PR in agriculture
loves city & farm, travel, photography & communications

Thanks for stopping by and wondering what I am about. My passions are photography, travel and agriculture -- love spending time taking pictures on a farm far from home. Putting all those things together its understandable that differences in culture are intriguing to me…. I can spend a lot of time soaking up things. Its almost always a colorful adventure!

  • Photography — My first “real” job that gave me a regular paycheck was a way to get my first SLR (a Pentax 1000). I carried that camera everywhere shooting things that were everyday objects or new sights. I take photos daily with a Canon 40D, a point & shoot or my Blackberry. I rarely open photo software. 
  • Travel — I got the travel bug early in life…. probably from the first trip I remember making with my family. Camping in the Smoky Mountains, a trip to DisneyWorld and visiting Miami! A trip like that opens eyes and I’ve been looking for ways to get that feeling again & again ever since! I've had the chance to go a lot of places people dream of. I'm blessed.
  • Agriculture — I’m a city girl. Born and raised. From generations of city folks (Memphis, TN). Interesting since I have such a passion for agriculture. Luckily I didn’t need to let go of any of my passions for the city! But I added farming while doing an internship with a family friend during college. He gave me a chance to meet my first cotton farmer and I realized I wanted to work with folks I really liked being around! Cotton communications became the major thrust of my career & the crop a major passion.I now work for Monsanto Company on their public affairs team.
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Um.... seems goofy. Not sure I want to brag but if you want to know what I'm proud of or what my mom may be proud of as far as accomplishments, then we can talk.
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