THIS is why not all gluten-free flours are interchangeable!

These are BOTH brown rice flour ... On the left, flour from the bag of Lundberg Family Farms brown rice flour, and on the right, flour from El Peto Products.  You can see a visible difference in the grind size, and the one on the left feels like a fine silica sand when rubbed between the fingers, meaning in a regular loaf of bread it will be gritty, plus the weight per cup will be different, and the hydration levels also different. (yes, i know I'm a bit OCD about my baking ... the first step is acceptance, right?!)

fwiw, we've found the +Bob's Red Mill brown rice flour (about the same grind size as the Lundberg) to also be coarser than we like, so while we use most of their flours in our baking, we'll be sticking with the El Peto for our sandwich bread and baguette mix.

... the good news is, these coarser flours can have some of the grittiness tamed if you use sourdough and delayed ferment techniques.

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