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Android phones: HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Note. Discuss!
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I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of the trend towards larger form factors :-\ I have and love the Galaxy Nexus but Nexus S felt really great in the hand.
The HTC one will fit far better in your pocket will not be as good at the note as the note is far more powerful i think. It really depends on what you want the phone for.
Well, the Note is still $100 more expensive on contract with ATT. So I'll say One X. $300 is just too much for an on contract price.
In fact, I just recommended the One X to a close friend as well.
Why buy something like an iPhone? Just buy an iPhone....
why iphone are so pupular,what do you think about blackberry?
Hmm, I'm not fans of one of that, but HTC got quadcore and ICS..
Blackberry has turned its back on the general public and are specialising in targeting the corporate world. I am in business, the funny thing is, everyone I know has an iPhone so a big fail for Blackberry!
Samsung Galaxy SUCKS!!! It freeze's all the time. It over heat when you are charging it. I have replaced it twice and still having problems. I need to know who to contact at samsung
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