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It's a safe assumption if you see an early morning steamy window, odds are it's a florist shop!

For #wetwednesfay +Wet Wednesday with +Jen Baptist :) 
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Thank you for sharing with +Wet Wednesday. It is a pleasure to share it with the #WetWednesday audience.
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Really cool!
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I can't retain my Earth Mother title and not share something for #EarthDay   #MyBeautifulEarth   #OurBeautifulEarth  

My beloved #MinnehahaCreek
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Like hairs,,,,,
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Janice Hackney

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It's surprising how sustaining a small bar if dark chocolate is.

#ineedfood #soon
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Janice Hackney

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Haha! I'm live tweeting my bus ride! Am I too old to live tweet? No! I say, if William Shatner can do it, so can I! Besides, I'm in the bus forever today...

I won't bug you here, but on Twitter I am @janissima

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Tweet away, I guess this means I need to get a twitter account and follow you!
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by way of +jenny countryman .
This is real people. I should know. I have been struggling with Depression and panic disorder for 20 years
These are not character defects, but scientific ones.
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Janice Hackney

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+J. Rae Chip this looks interesting, I didn't dig too deep.

"Disphotic seeks to shed light on photography and it’s intersections with journalism, art and history." is their new website, not finished yet, the link below is their blog. 
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Janice Hackney

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I wasn't online much today. It feels weird. Did you know some people use this time to clean, or that someone's husband has a little thing he likes to call "chores," or "being an adult." Its truly ok, he cleans the bathroom!
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That was his theory, Peter, I have to chore with him! Apparently working in Ps isn't the same. :D
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Janice Hackney

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Going back into my archives, I am reminded of how much fun multiple exposures are to create. I remember this day, I had to stop because my camera didn't like the snow falling :)

+Shane Sakata - I found a tree :)

For #TreeTuesday +Tree Tuesday curated by +Christina Lawrie and +Shannon S. Myers
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For you, I hope too, +Natosha Davis s
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Typical staggered seating. Don't sit too close or make eye contact.

God morning, friends!

#janissima #outthedoor and #ontheroad
#mobilography #mobilephotography

#MonochromeMonday +Monochrome Monday curated by +Charles Lupica , +Hans Berendsen , +Jerry Johnson , +Manuel Votta , +Steve Barge

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Hey +Jetski Jones - had a Brooklyn bus driver today here. Former, held here now. Had no accent, must have worked hard to pick up our accent and lost Brooklyn!

Good nor big back :)
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Blessed are the weird people - poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters, troubadours - for they teach us to see the world through different eyes. ~Jakob Nordby. 

I see in abstraction, in layers. I follow light and color, love shadows and dark. I'm a storyteller and a dreamer. I see what is, and think, "What could this be?" 

Visit me on twitter, I'm playing there a lot these days. I have never used it much, but truly, its fascinating! I am actually meeting local people there, which is pretty amazing. 

Social networking is not selling my art, it is communicating with artists around the world, learning, teaching; its how we become who we are as artists, not necessarily as selling-their-work artists...

Follow my work by my hashtags, on Google+ or Twitter: 

#outthedoor and #ontheroad


Janice aka #janissima @janissima +janissima
photographer - writer - teacher - tech

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Created order from chaos while leaping small buildings in several bounds. Also played with Myron Floren in the 'Largest Accordion Band in the World' concert.
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