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Janice Hackney

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The wind this morning was chill; soon, friends, I will be doing my own kind of Ice Fishing. For now, I'll keep playing with my catalog :)

#janissima #icefishing

+Circle Shapes Monday #circleshapesmonday
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Cool 😎 picture 🖼 💚🎨
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Janice Hackney

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The path to ice heaven come January! See, shhhh, we sneak around the sign, which, on the other side, says nothing at all...

It's +Sign Sunday, #signsunday with +Lori Carey and +Jetski and me, when I can.

+Tom Gort and +mel peifer and +David Q. Cohen - the way to our little slice of heaven, best seen at sunrise, or so I hear :)

#janissima #signsoflife #shootingshooters
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I let them catch me - so they would not be too angry.
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Janice Hackney

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#joindaily by +Johnny Wills

Misty fast and flood-like Minnehaha Falls. With this much extra water the ice is going to be extra nice this winter!

#janissima #minnehaha #minneapolis
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Brilliant +Janice Hackney​. Thanks for joining in 
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Janice Hackney

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I've not thought e-cig stores are where I would study... I guess I they are studying anywhere it's all good.

#janissima #streets #signsoflife
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He lives in the study area :)
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Janice Hackney

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A sure sign summer is gone, and all of the patio tables are empty. This is all fine with me, this is my time of year!

#janissima #streets
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+David Q. Cohen the restaurant in the park is still open, but there aren't many customers. As long as there is music I'll keep walking there. Not to mention the Pokestops :)
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Janice Hackney

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+Lauri Novak +mel peifer and +Tom Gort we should do Museum 2.0 :)
Announcing G+ Museum Day 2016!

Hi everyone, I’d like to offer up a fun event for the whole G+ community! In celebration of International Artist Day, I’m inviting all of you to visit a museum anytime from October 25 through November 1, and ideally to visit together with others from G+. At your option, I encourage you to write a post about your experience – whatever you found fun, exciting, inspiring, mystifying, funny, disturbing or even dreary – tag it #GPlusMuseumDay2016 , and feel free to plus-mention me and +Heiko Mahr if you’d like us to see your post. I’m making the announcement this far in advance in case some of you might have the opportunity to travel for a meetup.
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I'm up for it anytime!
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Janice Hackney

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This is the Event for our September Self Portrait Challenge: Apocalypse. What this means is create your self portrait to depict some type or nature of apocalyptic event or aftermath or to reflect the concept of apocalypse visually. You have a lot of freedom of expression and interpretation here, so get creative!

Here is where you enter your ONE "Apocalypse" Self Portrait. Your photo must have been captured during this month. This Event remains open until 11:59 CST September 30th, so you have until then to create and enter your best photo from this month. (The dates on the Event are truncated, but you can submit a photo anytime, all month long.) Please read all rules (scroll down). Not adhering to rules will get you disqualified.

EDITED TO ADD CLAUSE: At least 10 submissions from eligible participants must be received in order for judging to commence and prizes to be awarded.

You can also submit your image on the corresponding FB Event for this Challenge, which can be found on the FB ASP Page:

Tips & Inspiration

Gallery of Apocalypse Self Portraits:

Moderators of the Art of Self Portraiture Community are not eligible to win, but we will also be putting our photos into the Event in the hopes that you'll be inspired.

If you have questions or need help, please pop into the Community and ask away! We have a category for discussion and questions and are happy to help with anything. 

Thanks to +Ricardo Williams for letting us use his image in the header!


~1 Year +SmugMug Portfolio Account
(or comped value on current account)
~$150 Gift Certificate (restrictions apply*) for 
~+Think Tank Photo CityWalker 10
~+Capturing Couture Gift Code in the amount of $42.95

Please circle these sponsors - we love their products and services and it's great that they support our learning and growing together. Having them circled is a requirement to be a winner. :)

At least 10 submissions from eligible participants must be received in order for judging to commence and prizes to be awarded.

If there are at least 10 submissions from eligible participants, there will be 4 winners. 1st place winner selects choice of 4 prizes, and also has their image take the place of the current Avatar for The Art of Self Portraiture Community. 2nd place selects choice of 3 remaining prizes. 3rd place selects choice of 2 remaining prizes. 4th place receives the remaining prize. Winners must respond within 24 hours of being contacted or new winners will be chosen.

At the end of the month, the Owners and Moderators of The Art of Self Portraiture Community will vote on the submissions and choose 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place winners. Please note that this is subjective (art always is!) and so we'll be basing our votes purely on our own opinions. Everyone who enters a photo is already a winner, of course. :)

Please Remember These Rules:

~Enter Only Your Own Work
~Enter Only ONE Photo
~Must adhere to this month's theme.
~Photo Must Be Tasteful/Artistic
~No Graphic Nudity, Violence, Sexual Themes or Otherwise Offensive Content
~Photo Must Be Taken in September 2016
~Can Only Win Once Every 6 Months
~No More Than 3 Wins Total
~Winners Must Respond Within 24 Hours of Contact
~Circle Our Prize Sponsors
~No Trickery or Spamming
~We Reserve The Right To Remove Entries/Participants
~Anything Outside Guidelines/Rules Disqualifies A Participant


Google+ seems to be getting rid of Events. We have seen this coming for some time, which is why we've been working to branch out by creating a website and other social media accounts (see all links below). As of the last "push" of the new G+, Events are still not included, and it seems they will not be a part of G+ plans going forward. "Classic" G+ is still available (for how long, we are not sure); we are using it now to make this Event possible, but we will be forced to consider other options going forward. We will continue to do our best to host these Events on G+ in whatever way we can. Those options will not enable us to notify you the way Events currently do, however. Circle +Art of Self Portraiture , and please visit the website and subscribe to updates so you can stay apprised of our Events this way, if you'd like. Additionally, we encourage you to check out the group, page, and events on FB, if that's possible for you.

Share Your Work!

In order to be officially entered into the Challenge - you must enter your photo here on the Event (or on the corresponding FB Event). Please let us know if you have any difficulty doing this! We want to include all eligible images in the judging.

Aside from entering your image here, we also encourage you to share your work on other platforms, and let us know, so we can support your brilliance. :)

If you share your images on Instagram, FB, Tumblr, Ello and Twitter also, you can follow us and tag the ASP accounts to have your work loved/shared in those places (for this event and also any time).

FB ASP Page:

You can also join our FB Group and share your images there, as well: 
FB Group:

*Borrow Lenses Gift certificate codes applicable only to orders placed before their expiration dates. Gift certificate codes are for rentals only, are not transferable, are not valid on “for sale” items. Gift certificate codes are not stackable with any other coupon unless you are a BL member. rental orders only ship to U.S. addresses and renters must possess a U.S. credit card.

#photography   #selfportrait   #art   #challenge   #selfportraiture   #apocalypse  
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Janice Hackney

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Heavy sigh!
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Arrgh! Frustrating.
sips from a short glass
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Janice Hackney

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Rain and steam are two of my favorite things.

I love my van.

And purple and Prince.

That is all.

#janissima #abstracted

For #unsharpsaturday with +Alex Lapidus +Julianne Bockius +Jetski +Patrice Christian +Nadia Cantou-Pewinski ( +Unsharp Saturday v2.0 )

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I just saw your ice.... I cannot handle that end of the Mississippi! Enjoy!
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Janice Hackney

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Little do they know the white things are here to abduct them. I was too late to help, but I can at least document the event.

Reporting for #alienabductionfriday. I did this one alone, because it was dark and #rubywarriorterrier was asleep.

+Alex Lapidus +Heiko Mahr +Jetski and me with my minion assistant +Ruby Warrior Terrier

#janissima #alienabductionfriday #RicePark
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Janice Hackney

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I know, I walk there every day with Ruby...
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Janice Hackney

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Finishing the Komen 3-day walk is something to celebrate. Healthy boobs all around!

It's #signsunday with +Lori Carey and +Jetski and sometimes me :)

#janissima #streets

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+David Q. Cohen all around for everyone. I saw a lot as they were almost home. 
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Street of a Different Color - This set is of people enjoying my favorite location, Minnehaha Falls Park. I guess its Urban Photography if its in a park, but there are so many people walking through here every day, I consider it my Street of a Different Color. 

Namaste,  Janice 
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