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Google+ now allows you to set a target audience for your business page - Very handy for some of our clients and partners with highly targeted demographics!
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You're welcome +Linda Light 
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Janice Clark

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There are some great tools here! I use Circlescope. It's one of my favorites!
Tools To Help Find Fans For Your Brand Page
I manage several brand pages and have observed many others; I am convinced that there is a "tipping point" that you need to achieve before your page will begin growing organically. I also believe that this "tipping point" cannot be achieved (or at least would be much more difficult to achieve) by following people at random or simply by being included in shared circles. While your follower counts may increase, long term success depends upon increased engagement so that your posts will extend beyond your followers via plus ones and reshares to help attract new followers. Until that happens, you need to actively identify and follow potential fans, as well as unfollow those that are not actively engaging with your brand.

cc: +CircleCount +Circloscope +NOD3x +Steady Demand 

See more at:

#GooglePlusTools   #GooglePlus   #BrandPages  
Building a following for a brand page on Google + is not easy - and building a following that is targeted, interested and engaged in your brand, product or service may seem next to impossible; however, there are tools that ca...
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Thanks +Janice Clark - mine too :)
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Janice Clark

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 I'm not surprised at all by these findings. It seems to hold true for myself and our clients who have a presence on multiple platforms.  Which social sites offer the best engagement for you?
Social Networks Engagement Stats 
Average time on site, pages per visit and bounce rate

Here we have a really interesting research, created by the +Shareaholic team!

The data walks us through the different social networks as traffic sources and aims to show us which ones offer the "best" traffic in terms of: 

      - Average time on site
      - Average pages viewed per visit
      - Average bounce rate

Are you surprised with the numbers you see?

I personally did not expect to see such high values for LinkedIn traffic. On the contrary Google Plus numbers were expected as my own analytics suggest. 

What's your say? 

#SocialMedia   #Marketing   #Research   #Data  
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Janice Clark

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Another great circle of influencers by +Paula Teshima 
Updated: March 28, 2014 

This is a shared circle of people that have most been plussing, commenting and resharing on my personal profile posts during the last weeks. It is also included the most TOP INFLUENCERS: SEO, Social Marketing, bloggers, photographers, fashion addicted, social media addicted, musicians, architects, poets...

They are all Awesome People, and without a doubt, if you add them, you will have an even better Google Plus experience as they add you to their circles, plus, share and comment on your posts.

If you would like to be included on my next circle, just follow these simple steps:

1. Make sure you have already added me into your circles
2. Plus, Comment and Reshare this post* in PUBLIC 

*Please make sure you plus, reshare and comment on the Original Post  or else I won't notice it :(

If you received this notification, you are included in this Awesome Circle!
If you should be in this circle and I forgot to add you by mistake - I´m sorry - please let me know and it will be corrected on the next share.
If you didn't like to be included in this circle and you would like to be removed, please send me a message on this post and I won't share your profile anymore.
Beginner to Google Plus? This will help:

Special Thanks to my best week engargers:

Jennifer Stelzer, Licensed Massage Therapist +Jennifer Stelzer, Licensed Massage Therapist
Victoria D   +Victoria D
Troy MacDonald   +Troy MacDonald
Renato Lollato   +Renato Lollato
Jan Jansen   +Jan Jansen
Hashir Jamal   +Hashir Jamal
Ray Bayless   +Ray Bayless
Edna Guatno   +Edna Guatno
Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral   +Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral
Gregory Snow   +Gregory Snow
Emmanuel Martinez   +Emmanuel Martinez
Tyler Casper   +Tyler Casper
alice yam   +alice yam
Kent Gustavson   +Kent Gustavson
Steve Yamaguchi   +Steve Yamaguchi
Bret Niemuth   +Bret Niemuth
Yuli B   +Yuli B
Dr Tammy Cashion   +Dr Tammy Cashion
Brosda and Bentley Realtors   +11075928627886777968
Karen Hoyt   +Karen Hoyt
Ute Panzenboeck   +Ute Panzenboeck
Dubie Bacino   +Dubie Bacino
Monica Butler   +Monica Butler
Mark Young   +Mark Young
Jennifer Roche   +Jennifer Roche
Rob Mosley   +Rob Mosley
Paul Meulman   +Paul Meulman
Carl Witmer   +Carl Witmer
farah godoy   +farah godoy
Thomas Angst   +Thomas Angst
Katerina Brosda   +Katerina Brosda
Jody Lynch   +Jody Lynch
Alba Perez   +Alba Perez
mahreza belly   +mahreza belly
Bill Bray   +Bill Bray
Marcello Giovanni Papa   +Marcello Giovanni Papa

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Thank you and have an Awesome Day!!!
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Thank you for the reshare +Janice Clark 
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Can't say I'm surprised
YouTube, Google+ & LinkedIn Drive the Most Engaged Referral Traffic

...according to this study released by +Shareaholic. While Facebook and Twitter each drive more traffic to sites, Shareaholic found that on the whole visitors from Youtube, Google+, and LinkedIn:

1. Spent more time on site
2. Visited more pages on sites
3. Had a lower bounce rate

...than traffic from other major social networks, including Twitter and Facebook.

HT +Vic Gundotra 
Social discovery and sharing platform Shareaholic today released its first report examining engaged social referrals. Since many of us spend an egregious amount of time using social ...
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Janice Clark

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Thanks for the invitation +Kim Garst I'm excited to be part of the community!
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Good info to have! I'm a big advocate for changing passwords on a regular basis anyway but I still see a lot of people who keep one password for everything and have had it that way for years! Definitely a bad idea these days!
Here's the list of passwords to change asap due to the recent bug.
Heartbleed: A look at which companies have issued a security patch to fix the Heartbleed bug.
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Janice Clark

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And another great circle by +Jason Levy! Thanks for including me in the Team Elite Engagers Circle Shocking Pink Edition! I've always LOVED pink! :)

As it has been some time since I posted a #teamelite circle, my   #teamelite circles have a colour theme this time, so they are named Shocking Pink and Electric Blue. You'll notice there are only two of them this time, as I am now making sure everyone has added me before I share them.

*     #teamelite  members - see nearer the end for instructions for the next stage!     #eliteinnercircle *

I have had so many great     #teamelite  engagers that I need two whole circles - why are they     #teamelite  engagers, as opposed to normal engagers? These are the ones who have shared my shared circles - you have close to 1,400 circle sharers here for you to add across these three circles. You should add people in these circles, because they are active engagers and will brighten up your Google Plus experience. I'm not sure you could handle all that Google Plus engagement, so think twice before you do so!

My     #teamelite  circles are extensively shared by the top circle sharers on Google Plus, so naturally, membership of     #teamelite  is very exclusive and there is a lot of demand to get in.

To get in, and to ensure you stay in     #teamelite  you need to do the following:

1. Add me to your circles, if you haven't done so already
2. +1 this circle
3. Publicly share this circle to public, your circles and extended circles.
4. If possible, leave a comment on this circle so I know you have done the three steps above (I say "if possible" as my circle comments more often than not hit the 500 comment limit).

To get into my     #eliteinnercircle  you need to share my Shocking Pink and Electric Blue     #teamelite  circles, as well as my current   #eliteinnercircle circle. You can find them here:

Elite Inner Circle:
Team Elite Shocking Pink:
Team Elite Electric Blue:

#circleshare       #circlesharing       #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircles       #publiccircle       #teamelitecircle   #teameliteengagecircle     #dontconfusethecircles  

I don't wish to offend anyone on the internet, so if you would like to be removed from my shared circles, please send me a private message and I won't share your profile in the future. The only way being shared will affect you is that you will get notifications that people have added you. You are under no obligation to add them back to your circles. If you don't add them back, they will most likely remove you from their circles after some time.

Starkey Halo Made For iPhone Hearing Aids - Starkey Halo is due to launch on 31st March, and I'm very excited to get my hands on a pair of these high tech gadgets. What makes them special, apart from being able to correct nearly any hearing loss, is that they can pair directly with an iPhone 5 or newer and listen to music, hear YouTube videos, have a Facetime conversation, even take phone calls, with the sound going directly into the hearing aids.

Unless you have used this kind of technology before you're probably thinking it's no big deal - after all, you've been able to get bluetooth headsets for years, but until now you used to need an intermediate wireless device worn as a necklace or lapel clip to translate between Bluetooth and each manufacturer's own proprietary wireless protocol. As well as extra bulk, these would be one more gadget you'd have to remember to charge. The Made For iPhone protocol and hardware does away with all that as it's already built in to the hearing aids. Pretty neat, huh?
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Janice Clark

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This is funny :)
The Silicone Valley Technology FleaMarket 

A little humor at the recent spending-sprees that +Mark Zuckerberg has been enjoying! 

#technology   #markzuckerberg   #facebook  
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LOL This is funny! I knew I forgot something in my latest video! I forgot the baby! LOL
FOFL! Too funny. #funny   #parody    #marketing   #advertising  
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Thanks for posting this +Janice Clark! A great pick-me-up for a Monday afternoon!
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Owner, BizMSolutions-Providing solutions for busy professionals via social media strategies & virtual assistant services

Hi everyone!!  Thank you so much for connecting with me here on Google+  I love networking with great people!  Even more, I love helping great people connect with one another!

My name is Janice and I own BizMSolutions, an online virtual solutions provider created for the small to medium sized business.  I spend my days connecting with truly wonderful social media strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, virtual assistants and more!  I help small businesses by finding just the right virtual solutions providers to meet their needs and then working with them to ensure our client's projects run smoothly.

BizMSolutions provides social media strategies, virtual assistant services and a variety of other virtual solutions to business owners all across the globe.  We help small businesses leverage tools such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in order to get past the noise online to create strategic conversations around their business.  

Towards the middle of 2010 I launched a special report entitled "Hiring Out Social Media Tasks: How to Get Help Without Losing Control".  The launch of this document not only generated an additional 25% in revenue for BizMSolutions, it also gained recognition among white paper experts within the industry and was featured in a case study in the White Paper Results newsletter.  You can sign up for this report at

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