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What I'm working on now  - 
Almost Finished!

EZ's Pi Shawl on a rainy(!) Saturday in SoCal in July.

Thanks to a yarn swap via +Ravelry, I got a last ball of yarn (no longer being produced) so I can finish the knitted lace cast-off edging.
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I do believe there is no end to variations you can make with pi shawls, +Debra Timm!  If you've not yet checked out her work, +Donna Druchunas has some beautiful patterns based on the pi formula. I'll pass along the compliment about the garden!
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Janice Bakke

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Google Photos
Finally! I can share what I've been working on for the last year!
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Janice Bakke

Life in the Village  - 
Life in the Village: Use of Local, Medicinal Plants

Map of ‘Herbal Cures’ from 1932 of medicinal plants used in the U.S. (although not necessarily native to).

Be sure to click and enlarge the map to see the detailed illustrations and descriptions!
Slate just released a map of 'Herbal Cures' from the depression era.
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+Nadia Korths Its always fascinated me that so many plants can heal.  But I don't get further than reading about it, or drawing them, and growing all the normal herbs.  I know there are expert women in UK who grow it all and make the potions.  Bring back the witches I say... ;)  we probably lost a lot of knowledge  from earlier times.
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Janice Bakke

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The Art of Catering

Beautiful (and deliciously healthy) spread!
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Janice Bakke

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The region is living with the combustible legacy of states artificially carved from the remains of the Ottoman Empire.
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The "SECRET" in the top right corner of the Sykes-Picot agreement map got me, +Vicky Veritas!  Maps...and the making.
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Janice Bakke

Visual Storytelling  - 
Minimal Maps

"'By focussing each map on a single subject, we are able to better visualise and understand our landscape.'" - Michael Pecirno
Most maps of the U.S. prioritize cities. But "Minimal Maps" single out the nation's forests, crops, and waterbodies.
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Did you know the federal government owns 28% of all land in the US? A huge percentage of that is west of Texas and in Alaska.
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Janice Bakke

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Because it's all about GEOGRAPHY.

By +Max Fisher
These maps are crucial for understanding the region's history, its present, and some of the most important stories there today.
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Janice Bakke

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“The 1970 revival decisively and wonderfully transformed the general atmosphere on campus . . . To have witnessed it personally is thrilling—I want to see the Lord do that again!” -Dr. Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. ’71. View snapshots of the work God has done on campus through revivals in the 20th century in #wheatonmag:
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Janice Bakke

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Furniture Industry in Zambia

Plus other news video reports by  Kennedy Gondwe

VIDEO: Slump for Zambia's furniture makers
In Zambia the local furniture and timber industries are fighting for survival against cheap, high quality imported products.
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Janice Bakke

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About Iraq
We were privileged to hear from Canon Andrew White, known to many as "The Vicar of Baghdad," this morning in chapel. White is known for his significant peacemaking work through his role as president of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East. He will be speaking on the topic of conflict and peacemaking in the Middle East tomorrow from 3:30 - 5:00 in the Meyer Science Center, room 145. We hope you can join us. His chapel message from today will be posted to soon!
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Janice Bakke

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Letting Go...of Books

Part of my justification a number of years ago when I was an avid purchaser of knitting books was that they were an investment for the future.

The present returns are not quite what they were projected to be in the heady days of the mid-2000s, when knitting books were HOT! (Over $300 for Alice Starmore's Aran Knitting on Amazon--when there was a copy to be found.)

Nevertheless, they remain beautiful resources of a worthy craft!

#knittingbooks #usedbooks
...I am starting to sell my knitting books. The Alice Starmore books (second shelf on the right) are the first to be listed, at Treechild's Books on Amazon or on Ravelry (sign in required). I am hoping they go to a good hom...
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Janice Bakke

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Literary Map of Edinburgh

It will include "references to more than 47,000 passages from 550 works."

#maps #literature
‘Lit Long’, a searchable interactive map of the city will take users to locations made famous by Scottish writers – and tell you what they wrote
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