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Isn't it fun to find a comment in code that's completely out of place and useless? What if you could write fewer comments and still keep the code easy to
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There's no such thing, people think less like us than we predict. We over predict how obvious inferences are. This is well known, there is no reason except laziness to not comment your code.´╗┐
Yes self-documenting coding style is not a replacement for comments as it says in the article. You use it so you can avoid writing so many of them - afterall, if you write a comment, you have to maintain it so it stays up to date.

If you can achieve the same result with code, is it not a better way to do it?´╗┐
I agree, and of course I prefer to write and work with clear, declarative code. I'm just always wary of people giving me reasons not to do something´╗┐
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