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Flexible work is good for you and for business. It's science.
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For my "Ask A Career Coach" column, I responded to a journalist who was downsized and interested in a freelance writing career...
Dear Dr. Civitelli, I am a former newspaper journalist who was finally affected by all the layoffs in my industry. I don't have a lot of savings so I need to make a career decision fairly quickly. I've read about hundreds of careers and the only thing I really want to do is write, but e
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For many people, writing is one of the best ways to increase clarity about your true feelings about different life and career choices. This article explores how to use journaling to make decisions that are aligned with your values, interests, and goals. I also recommend keeping the journal so th
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Tips from business owners...
Unfortunately, many people stay trapped in a job they hate because they are anxious about the uncertain income of self-employment. I interviewed business owners about how they overcame this type of anxiety. Here are their best tips: * We have been raised to believe that a paycheck and benefi
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These free worksheets are helping women to negotiate raises of 10%+. Via +Pat Katepoo 
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Feeling uninspired at work? Miserable even? Take a tip from local career writer Michelle Goodman as she dismantles common reasons we stay at jobs we hate and shares ways to start making a change.
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Excellent article. If you don't like your job a must read!
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It might feel like they are unicorns, but great bosses do exist...

If you have had several terrible bosses in a row, you might despair of ever working for a great one. Be reassured, though, that great bosses do exist! I searched for people willing to describe what made their great bosses so excellent. Here are their stories. "My best boss was Craig Duran,
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On sunk costs and decision-making...
Sometimes my educational backgrounds in economics and psychology converge. One of those times is exploring how to avoid the sunk cost trap in making career and life decisions. In the field of economics, sunk costs are costs you already paid and that you cannot recover no matter what you do. E
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Is your boss a good leader?
Career coaches often say that people don't leave jobs, they leave bosses. It is easier to rate your boss if you have a checklist of qualities to use for assessment. To create this list, I asked people to describe what matters to them about their boss. While no boss can be perfect, the mo
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Wondering if you should turn a hobby into a career?
I asked people with money-making hobbies what advice they have for people considering whether to keep their hobby as pure pleasure or as an income-producing career or business. Not surprisingly, they had very different things to say about their experiences and their advice varied. That's becaus
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If ambivalence is hurting your career, here are some ideas to help...
If I were asked to pinpoint one dynamic that keeps people from achieving career happiness, it is ambivalence. Because so many people ask me how to resolve this, here are some thoughts about what to do about ambivalence: First, recognize and name your ambivalence for what it is. Ambivalence is a p
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Sometimes the best thing to do is launch a business rather than continue a dead end job search.
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