Here we go.
The New cleaned and updated +High Quality Art Sharing People of G+ v. 3.0
Congratulations and a big Hurrah to YOU and 213 others!

Who is in?
Art oriented people sharing about 50 % art or art related posts.
Who else are in?
The HQSP team, if you prefer not to have them in your art circle, please be so kind to move them to another circle. They are ones doing the hard work! Special thanks from our art community goes to +HQSP Art the great +Syuzanna Avetisyan and the unmissable +Marianna K !

Who are not in
All HQSP pages except for +HQSP Art and +HQSPMusic  Please be so kind  to add manual to your circles +HQSPPromotion +HQSPwinners +HQSP Vivere Memento +HQSP Carpe Diem +HQSP Birds +HQSP Flowers All excellent HQSP pages!

Why add this circle to your circles:
To fill your stream with great stuff, because this are all people with excellent shares

Why share this circle public?
-Others will become to know you and us and enjoy our work.
-You will get more followers which means more attention for your shares
-You will get more followers which means more friends
-You give a huge support to the HQSP project
-You will be a great encouragement for the team who does all the hard work.

What happens if you do not add and/or share?
Absolutely nothing. No more followers,no more friends, no support for the project, no encouragement for the team.

I count on YOU!
Thank you very much and I am sure you will enjoy the circle!
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