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Janet Chiu
SEO coach, marketing consultant & weekend mountain climber
SEO coach, marketing consultant & weekend mountain climber

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For business owners in the DC region, learn how to make Google Analytics work for you. Please join us on May 4th at Hera Hub DC.

This morning, I discovered that the largest window of time that I can pull Google Analytics data is 90 days. If Google announced that this would happen, I sure missed it.

Does anybody have a hack for pulling a year or more of data?

Hey, guys, a Google Analytics question for you.

When it's not possible to add a view that filters out internal visits, I'll ask my client to install what I use myself - Google's opt-out add on, so their visits are not tracked. But that only works on Chrome. I'm looking for a cookie blocker for clients who use Firefox or IE.

Presumably, the Do Not Track setting in Firefox would work, but I'm not 100% sure.

A lot of the ad blockers work by deleting cookies after visiting the website, so it seems like that method could still result in the visit being recorded (it would only mean a return visit is recorded as a new visit).

Would love to know how you guys deal with this. Many thanks!!

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Does anybody in the group have experience with SEO Tools for Excel I tried to use the free version a year ago and found it was buggy. I would be interested to hear if others are using it, for which functions, and how well it's working. TIA!
SeoTools for Excel
SeoTools for Excel

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Marketing starts by acknowledging that most people don't even know you exist. You can help a site's SEO by actively getting it out there, then making sure users want to interact with the site. That combination of visits and engagement will help a business connect with customers.

When I selected a few metrics to study, the websites that are rocking it are doing just that - using various methods to bring people to the site and having great design to engage them.

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Simple questions that stump business owners. An essential reality check for the budgeting process.

Has anybody ever had a message in Search Console, "Some important page has been removed by request"? My client would like to know who made the request and why it was made and why Google complied.

The page that was removed from Google's index is a blog post about employee birthdays, e.g. the employees who had birthdays in the month of November (the actual date is not given). The client has been doing this for years and has had no reason to think that anybody has a problem with it.

The page is not one that is at all related to the client's services, but site traffic from Oct. to Nov. was down by 25%. We don't have historical data so don't know if this is a normal drop. Would the request to remove a page from the index have had a negative impact on the overall site?

It would be great to get your ideas. I don't know if I should contact Google or just keep an eye on the next similar post.

Thank you!

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Clients see the logic in paying for good design and a functional website. I wish they understood the importance of hiring a good writer.

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I'm in awe of Chef Patrick O'Connell's creativity. More imagination in his little finger than in half the people I know.

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Getting people to a website or blog is, without a doubt, a vital role of SEO. But what happens on the site can make or break a business - SEO doesn't stop at the door, so to speak. Unfortunately, the average client simply can't answer, "What's your call to action?" To make the business above average, we need creativity from everybody - from the SEO to the web designer to the client.
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