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Janeson Keeley

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It was a pleasure to get to do this site. My uncle founded this store and opened it the year I was born. If you're a knife collector, you'll want to check them out:
New website launch for Ralph Via Hardware Co., a locally owned Roanoke, Virginia hardware store since 1959. Visit the store's new site at
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Janeson Keeley

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+Buffy Lyon and I went out on Carvin Cove both days this weekend. The water was bouncier than usual. If you could be with us, here are the videos and photos to illustrate :-)
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Janeson Keeley

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Great photos by +TK Sharpley !
Dark-Thirty? That's the usual appointed time of day that we 65+ers head for the sofa to watch Netflix.... you know, 8:30pm-ish. Beach Week at Holden, for us old-timers was different! We were energized! At Dark-Thirty, we gra...
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Thanks Janeson!!! 
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Janeson Keeley

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Happy Friday, as a new website goes out into the world!
New website launch today for HOLLINS Exposition Services! Visit the site at
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Janeson Keeley

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New custom WordPress website launch for The Nancy Lee Lucas Memorial Scholarship Fund by +JTKWeb. Visit the site at
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Janeson Keeley

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My, but the level of the Roanoke RIver has changed in the last three days....
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Janeson Keeley

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The water level in the Roanoke River had gone down...until the rains came.
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Janeson Keeley

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I love sending a new website out into the world!
New site launch for Alden Academic Services at Custom #wordpress  site, redesign and restructuring, search engine optimization and submission by +Janeson Keeley of +JTKWeb.
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Janeson Keeley

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The first installment in the Sherlock Herms (+Herman TattleCat) series is out! (+Kimberley Koz, transcriptionist). Great story!
My name is Sherlock Herms. It is my business to know what others don’t know. At least that’s what I hoped for once I got my paws wet as a private investigator. It was my first day on the job. The W…
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Janeson Keeley

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Roanoke Rivers sounds and scenes from yesterday's walk with +Buffy Lyon.
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It was a nice walk! Funny how great minds run the same course. Or grate mines, as the case may be. 
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Janeson Keeley

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Sorry about the title, but this blog post does have a story to it. And audiovisual effects that send @cammiesstar blessings to all who see it.
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Website design and development (hand-coded HTML, CSS, custom WordPress sites), search engine optimization, social media profile set-up and integration, website maintenance, pay-per-click campaign management. Essay, blog, column, and review writing.
  • JTKWeb
    Owner, Website Designer, Developer, Consultant, Developer. SEO Specialist, 2001 - present
  • Valley Business FRONT
    NetFRONT Columnist, 2009 - 2011
  • Salem City (VA) Public Schools, Salem, VA
    Special Education Teacher, 1984 - 1990
  • Virginia College, Salem, VA
    Instruction, Director of Education, 1993 - 1995
  • Hollins University, Roanoke, VA
    Lecturer in Computer Science, 1993 - 2001
  • National Business College, Salem, VA
    Instructor, 1995 - 1999
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I'm not a native Roanoker, but I am definitely "from around here." My mother was born here, I've lived here since I was seven years old, and I give directions by where things used to be. I was born Donna Marie Duvall, but changed my name to Janeson Keeley in 1997.

I'm on my fourth career. I started JTKWeb in January, 2001, and I specialize in website design, development,  search engine optimization, and submission. Visit my business web site at or my Google+ page at

I've been told that I have a twisted sense of humor.  One of my favorite games is to think of three things that I don't want to see on the checkout together at Walmart. I think that any place that sells chain saws, Mazola oil, and underwear is a little bit scary. Read more about me on my blog at

I'm on the computer a lot, but when I venture out into the Big Blue Room, I enjoy kayaking, hiking, and walking.

In addition to having my own business, I'm Staffpurrson to Stripey, who tweets @ThatStripeyCat, and typist for her sisfur, Cammie, who occasionally tweets from over the rainbow bridge @HerGraceTheCat. I have "cattoos" of them on my left upper arm.
  • Andrew Lewis High School, Salem, VA
  • University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
    1977 - 1978
  • Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, VA
    1978 - 1979
  • Roanoke College, Salem, VA
    BA, Psychology, 1979 - 1981
  • Radford University, Radford, VA
    MS, Special Education for Emotionally Disturbed Students, 1982 - 1983
  • Hollins College, Roanoke, VA
    CAS, Computer Studies, 1992 - 1993
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Dark-Thirty? That's the usual appointed time of day that we 65+ers head for the sofa to watch Netflix.... you know, 8:30pm-ish. Beach Week a

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I've been taking my various pets to Valley Animal Hospital for many years, and I can't say enough good things about the veterinarians, the staff, and the care that my furry children have gotten. They've taken care of my pets from adoption through the time they've assisted them in going Over The Rainbow Bridge, and I couldn't ask for more compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring partners in my pets' care. I particularly have to thank Dr. Kroenlein and Dr. Jonen, who helped extend my Cammie-Cat's life two months longer than the original prognosis and for spending time with me, my husband, and Cammie before we had to say good-bye. I'll never forget that, and I can't tell you how comforting it was. Additional kudos to Dr. Jonen for diagnosing and helping my Stripey-Cat recover from a stroke, and to Dr. Kroenlein for saying, "She's not fat; she's just a big girl." Dr. Poage and Denise saw me through many rabbits and a couple of cats before then, and Denise remembers how much Cammie did not want to go Into The Box. (Thanks again for the peroxide!) If you're looking for an animal hospital in the Roanoke Valley, I highly recommend entrusting your pet's care to the folks at Valley Animal Hospital. They've been very, very good to me, and I know they'll do the same for you.
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This Perfection mattress is the best mattress I have sleep on, bar none. I love the fact that it is free of the fire-retardant chemicals found in other mattresses, and the latex rubber will last for years. It's great to know that I'll never need to buy another mattress! The latex rubber is supportive and comfortable, and it maintains a comfortable temperature, unlike other types of foam that tend to make me hot. It also doesn't have the "memory" feature, which I have found to be annoying. The service at Sleep Essentials is exceptional, and owner Lee Carter is both helpful and knowledgeable. I can't recommend Sleep Essentials and the Perfection Mattresses highly enough.
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This is by far the best Starbucks in the Roanoke Valley - friendly, well-trained baristias offer consistently excellent service, drinks, and food.Thanks, folks!
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