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Google thinks I'm an elderly (65+) male. And they got my interest in biology right, but why anatomy? Maybe because I look up stuff for my grandparents or unfamiliar biological terms.
As everyone who uses the internet should know by now, Google targets ads not only to the context of the website you’re visiting but also by your own web browsing and searching. And now you can look up what they think your interests and demographics are in their targeting algorithm. Mine’s really hit or miss. They got my interest in politics right, but for some reason they think I’m 55-64 years old. And that I have an interest in combat sports an...
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Hey, according to Google I'm 65+ also. Wanna shoot a round of golf on Saturday, and then hit the early bird special?
Good question +Jack Byer I was trying this link repeatedly the other day and it kept coming up blank...
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