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This is some awesome corn. I agree with the comment at the end, but this is still very cool.
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Love it. It's undoubtedly cheaper to save this seed than to try to reinvent it in a lab...but the former is likely to make less of a profit in the short term and isn't patentable (may not even be subject to breeders' rights?) in and of itself so....
This a lovely picture of corn. the old Abundant Life Seed Foundation had a basket filled with all kinds of corn kernels. Now and then I would lift a handful and let the kernels fall through my fingers like prayer beads.

If you look at the second picture in the article you can get a better idea of what Glass Gem corn actually looks like, and an understanding of why it's not sale yet. Notice that all of the ears are different, due to the remarkable genetic diversity of corn.

Notice the husks - they are green. Corn is glossy before it is dried. The corn in the second picture looks similar to stuff we've dried locally. the first picture looks other worldy.
Does anyone know about the pigments? The reds/blues/purples are probably from anthocyanins. Are the green kernels pigmented with xanthophylls?
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