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"These new discovery processes of books and authors may be multiplied by a thousand considering that the Internet has no boundaries. We will soon see touch screens in bookshops reflecting QR codes with an never ending book catalog. We will also see them in libraries where they will be used to improve book borrowing processes. However, the most important thing of all is that we will encounter these unique graphics and codes in unexpected places and that they will allow authors and publishers to make their work known beyond traditional points of sale. We will consequently come across books in bus stops, queuing for the cinema, leaving theatre performances, at art exhibitions, on flights or traveling on the train."
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"never ending book supply"? "come across books" everywhere? I don't buy this. As long as we have, say, a New York Times Bestseller list, we will cull the mediocre from the outstanding. Who wants to pick up reading material from a surface bookstore, if it's boring?
While I don't think the NYT list is going anywhere—or major awards either—most readers enjoy finding out about more niche books that match their interests. Also, sales volume & critical opinion doesn't necessarily mean you're going to enjoy a book (nor does it necessarily indicate quality!).
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