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Why it's not rude to live-tweet an event. I'm definitely bookmarking this one.
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I was in Seattle last week with a client who presented. I told her to encourage Tweeting before she started and we added her handle on the slides. The reaction was great! It showed us what parts the audience related to strongest and of course created new contacts to connect with.
If you are an author or aspiring, you should follow her blog. So-o-o much helpful information!!
I LOVE the twitter back channel at conferences. I think it gives a really great vibe and interaction to the speakers, and often the audience is knowledgable. I also enjoy it as a speaker because I check it later and see that my soundbites have been picked up. I do consciously try to include tweetable chunks as well now :)
I wouldn't know anything about tweeting at conferences, of course.
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