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Jane Friedman

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Essential reading for anyone connected to the indie author community. 
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Jane Friedman

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I have 14 tools that I use daily. What are your essentials?
My favorite digital media tools that have enhanced my productivity and creativity as a teacher, author, and entrepreneur.
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Jane Friedman

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A list of my best finds in book marketing advice and resources in 2016.
Every year, I share hundreds (even thousands) of articles and reports on book marketing. Here, I look back on the best of what I found in 2016.
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Good infor
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Jane Friedman

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If you write literary fiction, these are the sites your target readership is likely to read.
A list of the best blogs and websites focused on literary fiction and culture
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Jane Friedman

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It’s commonly said that in the United States, overall trade book sales are divided about 70-30 print-digital, and that ebook sales at traditional publishing houses are flat to declining. But the latest analysis from Author Earnings shows that when you factor in “nontraditional” publishing sales, the digital share of overall US consumer book purchases changes significantly:

— 45 percent of all books purchased in the US in 2016 were digital
— In adult fiction, sales in the US are roughly 70 percent digital
— 30 percent of all US adult fiction book purchases are by self-published authors
The following post is a round-up of 2016 news and trends covered by The Hot Sheet, an email newsletter about the publishing industry written specifically for an audience of authors. I publish this newsletter in partnership with journalist Porter Anderson. Check it out and get a free trial today. The market for adult fiction is primarily a digital one …
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Glad you found them ahead of the curve!
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Jane Friedman

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"Instead of looking over your shoulder and feeling miserably inferior to the cool kids, reconnect with the timeless clan of writers and storytellers. Let their camaraderie support you."
Learn about four tensions you may experience that have the potential to undermine your creative work and leave you feeling stuck.
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Jane Friedman

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Writers are often told about the Chekhov rule—that if you introduce a gun in the first act, it must go off by the end. But what if you don't satisfy that impulse?
Sometimes endings are designed to satisfy, answering the questions posed along the way. But what if the ending isn't designed to satisfy?
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Jane Friedman

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When taking a work to market, most writers should pitch agents first, especially since it’s hard to go wrong with that approach. But a variety of factors play into the decision.
Is it better to look for a literary agent first, or to approach editors and publishers? Much depends on the commercial potential of your work.
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Jane Friedman

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Time for some tough love: authors told by agents/editors to build their platform in order to make them more suitable for a book deal will often be frustrated with their results.
If you're preparing to pitch your nonfiction work to agents or publishers, you may have heard about the necessity of platform. What if you don't have one?
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The same goes for fiction! As a Fantasy writer, what would make someone choose to read your book as opposed to thousands of other authors? Personality? Connective ability? likely... Too many authors out there for you to reside in your ivory tower and just write beautiful things.
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Jane Friedman

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Amazon offers several ways to help authors promote and advertise their books on Amazon itself. Note that you no longer have to be exclusive to Amazon in order to advertise on Amazon.
Amazon offers two ways for authors to advertise ebooks at their site. Learn how to smartly set up and manage product display and sponsored product ads.
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Jane Friedman

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On the last day of your retreat or on your way back home, pose this question to yourself and take it seriously: How can I take the way I’m feeling home with me? 
On the last day of your retreat, pose this question to yourself and take it seriously: How can I take the way I’m feeling home with me?
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Jane Friedman

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At a writing retreat, "About a third of the overall time should be free of any expectation of productivity. Or I could distill that down to: a third of the time should be FREE. Period. Productivity is certainly one goal of a retreat. But there are other desired outcomes..."
Productivity is one goal of a retreat. But there are other desired outcomes, such as returning home rested, relaxed, and energized by the time away.
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Helping Authors Make the Best Decisions for Their Careers
I have more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in digital media strategy for authors and publishers. I'm the co-founder and editor of The Hot Sheet, the essential publishing industry newsletter for authors, and teach publishing at the University of Virginia. In addition to being a columnist for Publishers Weekly, I also write an award-winning blog for writers at my website, (more than 180,000 visits per month).

I specialize in educating writers about the publishing industry, and focus on how they can develop sustainable, meaningful strategies that align with their strengths and career goals. I've spoken at hundreds of writing conferences around the world, and am known for thought-provoking talks on the future of authorship. Recently, I've spoken at Digital Book World, the San Francisco Writers Conference, and World Domination Summit.

My expertise on the publishing industry has been featured throughout many events and media, including NPR’s Morning Edition, Publishers Weekly, SXSW, and AWP. I've also served on panels and advisory boards for nonprofits such as the National Endowment for the Arts and the Creative Work Fund. 

More info at

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    The essential industry newsletter for authors
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I've been seeing Karah for massage for a few years now, and she's made it impossible for me to ever think of seeing anyone else. Her services are thoughtful, caring, and reflect years of experience. Those who live in Charlottesville will also appreciate that Silver Lining offers ample parking—no searching on the street!
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