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Love George Takei. Here is his happy dance. Not unlike +Matt Makowsky 's money dance.
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I absolutely love George Takei. What a guy.
Love it when George visits the Stern show.
..the look on Brad's face at the end....the poor suffering Husband... laughs Well, now we know who is the comedian and who is the serious one..
That empty feeling in my wallet is my man-card being automatically revoked; but I don't care. That's some funny shit right there.
Thank you Jane for posting this, so that I could see it and link-bomb all my friends with it. :-D
Thank you for being in my life George Takei... even though I've never met you.
In response to Solo White - You are such a prick. No wonder you are SOLO. Get a life, you jerk !!
That put a big smile on my face! Thanks for sharing! And Solo can kiss my nalgas.
That is indeed a sexy man dancing the sexy dance. If only I wasn't hetero.......
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