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As always, words of beauty from the bard +Fergus Martin
On The Seas

Take my ashes
to the ocean.
set them free.
Let them float
around the world,
as I have travelled.
Let them drift
on oceans calm,
as I have loved.
Let them sink
into deep waters,
as I have battled.
Let them ride
upon the waves,
as I have lived.

Let them sail into death,
as I have navigated life

© Fergus Martin
Sep 2016

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You have no idea how hot it was inside this barn last July.  And the Kentucky Headhunters and Black Stone Cherry were great through the entire shoot.  This is how +Joe McNally made it happen.

#photography   #kentuckyheadhunters   #blackstonecherry   #joemcnally  

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So this happened today.

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This will prove to be very entertaining for those who stumble into the hotel drunk.

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This is Gracie. She is part Akita/GSD and, in my eyes, one of the most elegantly beautiful dogs I have ever seen or owned. Over the past few months her age began to really show. She developed dementia and her OCD and quirky ways eventually turned to aggression. After 14 years together, Gracie and I took our last walk together on Wednesday. I still have two other dogs, though one has heart failure and is fading, and the other is an 11 month old puppy. And yet the house feels empty without Gracie's quiet, well, grace. She was one graceful dog.

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Snow Day number 4 going into a 3-day weekend. My children. Are bored.

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So, how does one survive for 16 years in the woods? A friendly pack of dogs is a start.

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