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I thought the +Archer Danger Zone promo was brilliant, and it was. But now the Magnum P.I.? I am complete.

It's almost time to get back on to the highway to the...Danger Zone, except this time international spy Sterling Archer will be channeling his inner Tom Selleck and his Hawaiian-shirt-wearing private eye character from Magnum, P.I.. Yesterday we got a promo for the upcoming seventh season of the animated spy comedy, a shot-for-shot remake of Selleck's 1980s detective show, and today we found out why. The show's executive producer told Uproxx that...
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i loved it
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Jane Ellen

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I've had it with all the dying. Sigh.

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Jane Ellen

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The mother of one of my friends is dying.  He has asked that friends of his and the family send notes of how they met.  He also wondered if you knew others from around the world who would be willing to write a note just tell his mom what's going on in your world so they'd have some new things to occupy her mind, make sense?  So, no, this isn't a spammy urban legend, it's my actual friend Forrest.  Here's the note he wrote and the address if you're up to it:

_Over Christmas, Mom was in the hospital again for heart issues and an infection. After a week +, she came home. However, the diagnosis is end-stage heart failure, which is too complicated to explain here. Needless to say, she has come home to Hospice care. Monty and Patricia and I are here to help care for her around the clock. Missy will be venturing this way soon from CA. The goal is to make Mom comfortable and at ease. Hospice has been amazing so far and we have quite the set-up here for her. Family and friends have stopped by and called and brought food and good thoughts. It is heart-filling, yet sobering.

I wanted to ask that if you could (would), please drop a simple note or card in the mail to her so that we can share with her the thoughts that are coming from around the state and across the country (around the world?). If you don’t know her, perhaps also share a short story about how you know me (or Monty/Patricia/Missy). It will give her something to talk about and I’m sure I’ll have a story to share.

It’s not an easy time right now, but the support, love, prayers, and assistance of all of my (our) friends and family go a long way to making a tough situation a little bit more manageable.

You can drop a note to Mom c/o:

Dale Clift
1318 White Oak Road
Fredericksburg, VA 22405

Thank you in advance my cherished friends for everything. Without you, I’m not sure how I would do this._

Thank you so.
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Jane Ellen

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I'm all about the warm weather in winter, not so much about possible tornadoes.  For reference, I am right in the middle of Tennessee, between Nashville and Knoxville.  My ville is Cookeville in Putnam County.  Right now the sun is out, I saw some creeping phlox in bloom, and my daffodils are way up. Not so much a white Christmas as a wet one.

#tennessee   #severeweather  
STORM 5 ALERT TONIGHT: Severe Storms Likely
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It's not beautiful here today. It's in the 60s, but with thunderstorms and rampant flooding lasting until tomorrow night. Merry Christmas. 
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Jane Ellen

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Well this amused me.
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I love it!
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Jane Ellen

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+Angie Person clearly Merry was thinking of you when she and Rudolph got out their Las Vegas cards yesterday.

#elfontheshelf   #rudolph   #vegas  
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Elfs on the shelfs r so cute and funny 
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Jane Ellen

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And so, it snows in Tennessee. My kids have never seen so much snow. They lasted 15 minutes outside. Puppy Scout is all about it. Of course I spent the day steeped in cliches--lit a fire, burned candles, baked brownies, made lasagna, watched a lot of movies. Here are some highlights.

#snow #winter #puppy #tennessee 
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And so, it snows in Happy day to +Jane Ellen
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Jane Ellen

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Sure, I didn't know him. But the sound of his voice and that look in his eye--he just seemed like a lovely, lovely man.

Alan Rickman, the British star of film, stage and television, has died aged 69. His features and deep, drawling voice were instantly recognisable to audiences all over the world, He was a leading man in films such as Truly, Madly, Deeply, starring opposite Juliet Stevenson; portrayed Hans Gruber - Bruce Willis' adversary in Die Hard - a part which was offered to him just two days after he arrived, aged 41, in Los Angeles.
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Yes.. so beautiful man 
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Jane Ellen

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And so the Star Wars/Harry Potter fun begins!
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Yes, for at least two reasons:"

[proceeds with the argument that the Bible is true because the Bible says so]

Well bless your heart. 
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Jane Ellen

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My kids are not happy because it doesn't "feel" like Christmas.  I am personally thrilled with the 70 degree weekend we're about to have and will be ever so bummed when Thursday comes and the temperatures drop.
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54 in western New York State. It's insane 
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Jane Ellen

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90 pound catfish.  It's what's for dinner.

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Love my friend. The picture very very nice. You are very very beautiful. The face you very very nice.
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Of course, an entire hospital's worth cannot be judge on the basis of a few people, be they good experiences or bad. As to the hospital's healing abilities, I can't say. I can say the volunteers are wonderful. My issue is with communication and phone skills. I've been hung up upon twice. I have tried to get not care to the patient but some sort of regular interaction between nursing staff and loved ones and that is where the break down begins. I understand what terminal means. I understand and do not expect a reversal or insta-cure. But I do expect a certain level of humanity regarding information to the family as they gather around a deathbed. I understand there may be no new information regarding the patient, but why not check in on the family. Tell them what their loved one is experiencing. Reassure them. Help them through this. Based upon the lack of communication in this area I can say that where "customer service" is concerned, they are in need of a staff-wide refresher. So, as you can see, this is not a slam on the abilities of the facility, more on the lack of interaction I witnessed and experienced. And, again, a handful of people does not make or break a reputation. But it certainly can damage it. I hope I am never in a situation that would lead me to any level of care with this hospital.
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I tell everyone who visits Cookeville that they have to try the Dipsy Doodle. Is it the place to go for a sushi or a low carb meal? Uh, no. But if you want an incredible made-by-hand burger, fried catfish, sweet cole slaw, homemade pies and awesome iced tea, well, you go to the Doodle. It's classic southern-style American cuisine at its best. And the staff is wonderful as well.
Public - a year ago
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The lighted Cream City sign is a Cookeville icon and it's great to have a cozy shop right under this landmark. The ice cream is spectacular. The staff/owners are friendly and wonderful. I've never had an awesome coffee there, but it could be I'm far too particular. However, the atmosphere and the ice cream are what it's all about. And you can mosey across the street to enjoy your ice cream and explore the ever-present train at the depot.
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What a lovely experience it was working with the Franklin Home Remodeling Center.
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Briarwood Ranch Safari Park was a wonderful surprise for me and my two young daughers (aged 7 and 8). I pulled off the highway on a whim just to get out of the car during a long trip. It was one of those early spring days that was perfect and it seemed that I was not the only one to make the same decision. Here's the deal, the owners were there, and a few other customers, but the park wasn't officially open. However, they let us in anyway. I rarely have cash and don't carry a checkbook either. They told me I could go and pay for our tickets via PayPal through their website when I reached my destination (which I did). They could've easily turned me and mine away, yet they chose to trust me which I appreciate. The land is lovely and it was truly hilarious. I got sneezed upon by a buffalo, the car was stalked by emus, and the zebras were indeed "cracka-lackin'." We had no expectations of even getting inside the place and ended up making one of the best family memories ever.
• • •
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reviewed a year ago