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Jane Ellen

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Dude has such an epic mugshot he deserves a most excellent meme.

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Jane Ellen

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First of all, it's not a boob.  You know how your kid goes to school with kids with names you can't pronounce?  Just mine?  Anyway, there's a new thing called "parents remorse" when parents get annoyed at the fact that no one can pronounce their child's name.  Who knew?

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Jane Ellen

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Seems coffee and I cannot be together for awhile.  Maybe forever.  Oh God I hope it's not a forever goodbye.  I've had to say goodbye to my love before.  That's actually worse because I know what's still to come.  Sigh.

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I had to give it up with each pregnancy, which was unpleasant at best.  I had to give it up for a health matter a few years ago and now, same thing.   Suckage.  So, it's morning, and I don't know what to do.  
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Jane Ellen

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Yes. Putnam County is in the news again. Do you a message you want me to give Nelly? He's about ten minutes down the road.

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Gangster rap? 
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I'm sure I'll look back on this and laugh.  The day I said, in response to a question my little girl asked me which had no possible choice, I said, yes I did, I said, "Don't Sophie's Choice me on that."  That begged the follow up question of what did that mean.  Well, I saw Sophie's Choice long ago.  There are some moments in film that stay with me in a way I wish they wouldn't.  That was one of them.  _Naturally_  my 8-year-old, unbeknownst to me, Googled the ending of the movie.  And watched it.  And now she has it stuck in her head.  _Shakes fist_  damn you Meryl Streep for being so convincing! 

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Jane Ellen

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Stupid rush hour
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April 20 +Ben & Jerry's unleashes the BRRR-ito. They suggest that on that day you try stuffing it with their half-baked flavors.  Yes, yes they went there.

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Jane Ellen

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H/T +Joe Smith 
I cannot express just how much pleasure this has given me.

#cat #dancing 
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Jane Ellen

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Worst.  Decison.  Ever.
NO ONE will be able to own a complete collection on disc.
If you've been diligently building a collection of Simpsons episodes on disc, you're in for a rude surprise. Show runner Al Jean has revealed that Fox is
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I must concur. Worst. Decision. Ever.
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Jane Ellen

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Ice storm took down many, many tree limbs and our once private front yard is a tad less private.  Door shut.  The limb clean-up was the other day and last night I saw the strangest light.  Oh, wow, I can see sunsets now.  Window open.

#tennessee   #spring  
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Nice view
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Jane Ellen

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so is this how we're spelling courteous now?
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Yes, English is confounding.  If you enjoy intelligent podcasts, here's one:

It won't simplify English for you, but it will explain how the spoken and written language achieved its confounding state.
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Jane Ellen

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I don't really want to drive into that
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+Cɪʈiᴢɘɳ Daʋɛ noooo stormy.
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