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I get asked this question regularly as I see people who are trying to build a business though a hobby on the side of their job or are a full blown solopreneur. The challenge is to be able to streamline and anyone who knows me knows I’ll try to find the fastest way to get a result!
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Yesterday I delivered training to a group and two women were sitting next to each other in the course. One asked “why do people in the business have a perception that she’s really busy and I’m not? I have so much to do but people don’t think I have anything on my plate so they come to my desk, chat and interrupt me all the time.”
This was a great question and it all comes back to branding and expectations.

Three things are happening here.
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We live in a competitive world and if you want to make an impact, you need to be in control of your online presence, personal brand, cultural fit and reputation. Failing to give adequate attention to your LinkedIn profile may not only result in you missing out on potential contacts, but you also run the risk of your competitors leaving you trailing behind.
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My clients will call me and say “I hate my job, I don’t like these tasks, I’m being overlooked, I’m not heard or I need more money”. A question I often ask them is “What are you running to as opposed to running from?”
Here’s the secret to those who do it well and get ahead in their professional lives.
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I recently flew on a Virgin flight from Brisbane to Canberra to deliver a Science of Achieving Your Potential program and I got thinking about authentic happiness at work. So, on my way to the airport I decided to count the amount of smiles I got between walking in the door of the terminal and arriving at the hire car at the other end.
Here’s how it went:
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Surely agree with you on that... I would also add a thank you to that list.... smile and thanks..the yin and yang...
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This week I was asked by a participant in one of the webinars I have been running “What can I ask for feedback on my interview, other than the standard strengths and weaknesses?”.
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Last Saturday I spoke at the South East Queensland Soroptimist International conference to some incredibly inspiring women. Soroptimist International is a global volunteer movement working together to transform the lives of women and girls.
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LinkedIn have announced an exciting and significant change last week that helps position you even more as a thought leader and expert in your industry.

If you have a Facebook account you might “follow” some people so you can keep up to date with what’s happening with them but you might not be connected to them as a friend. In LinkedIn this feature has been reserved for celebrities and notable business figures like Richard Branson. These people are called “Influencers”.
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I recently worked with a group of sales people on building their Personal Brand as part of their position as thought leaders in their industry. We spent a considerable amount of time talking about testimonials and their value.

Like a business we have something to sell or that we’re trying to create an influence with. So what’s the benefit for your target audience in having a testimonial from a satisfied client?
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I recently worked with a client who was feeling overwhelmed in his work. He came to me looking dishevelled, stressed and carrying a notebook with lots of post-it notes hanging out of it. His work involved a mix of working in the office and being out on a water treatment site. He looked exhausted and like he had a lot on his mind.
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I recently delivered a keynote at a conference with close to 1000 delegates in attendance. I had submitted my presentation two weeks early as they needed to brand the slides themselves. I had rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed. I was completely pumped and ready to deliver my awesome presentation.
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Something managers often ask me is “How should I raise the issue of unclear English pronunciation with a staff member?”. Typically this scenario includes a staff member who speaks English as a second, third or fourth language who is very good at their work but has difficulty with English pronunciation. These pronunciation difficulties mean they’re not easily understood by their colleagues or clients.
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One of two Master Career Directors in Australia, I have worked with over 11,000 people with their Personal Brand. I've been featured in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, BBC Online, Today Tonight, Mornings on Channel 9, Management Today & Marie Claire. I hold one of the top 1% viewed LinkedIn profiles globally, have been nominated for Telstra Business Women's awards in 2014 and I'm also a co-author of the book "Understanding Y" due out in July 2014.

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