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Augen zu und durch. Das wird schon.
Augen zu und durch. Das wird schon.

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Muchas gracias! 
On March 21st 2017 Brazilian ENL in collaboration with Peruvian ENL team conducted operation "Game Over", sending shard #4 from within RES domains in Cuiabá, Brazil to Iquitos, Peru in a quick and stealthy way, basically ending Shards game in Brazil, isolating RES target in rio from it's nearest shard and getting shard #4 closer to ENL targets in the United States
Aiming for a precise and strong hit, 4 Brazilian Agents from Rio and São Paulo travelled over 1500km to Cuiabá by early morning that day, allowing time for field recognition. All for this sole purpose and after having confirmation from Peru that they had accepted the challenge and responsibility of hosting a shard and would prepare the ground for it's arrival, despite the country being hit by severe storms due to the El Niño phenomenon. Stakes are high and conditions are harsh!
5 brave Peruvian agents were on ground challenging the harsh weather to prepare Iquitos to receive its gift as Brazil team, who was until then flying under the radar, finally engaged into action, attempting to delay as much as possible log on the COMM while at the same time trying to save some spare time in case things went wrong.
At 21:49 (utc-4, local time in Cuiabá), 11 minutes before jump and after all blocks had been taken down within a 35 minutes span, the link Cuiabá-Iquitos went online with a beautiful length of 2292km, crossing cities, forests, rivers, mountains, a country border and a time zone.
Ingress does indeed make us feel closer!


Peru ground team:

Brazil ground team:
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I fully support this request. Good idea. #GlobalShards #FateOfThe13
Please +1 the original post.

Für alle, die mit Englisch auf Kriegsfuß stehen, hier die dt. Übersetzung.

Shard-Erinnerungen für einen guten Zweck

Das Shardgame nähert sich dem Ende. Die letzten Wochen waren verdammt aufregend.
Flugzeuge, Fischerboote, Hovercrafts, Wanderungen durch Schnee und Eis, sowie tropische Stürme auf Inseln sind nur einige der Abenteuer, die Ingress-Spieler weltweit für das globale Shardspiel auf sich genommen haben.
Ich denke, ihr [d.h. NIA] solltet euch überlegen, den Spielern etwas zu geben, anhand dessen sich sich stets an diese Zeit zurück erinnern können. Eine ingame-Bade (analog einer Anomalie-Badge, bitte keine Charakter-Badge), etwas das in Bezug zu Shards oder transkontinentalen Links steht.

Ich schlage eine einfache Lösung vor, wie man diese Badge an die Spieler bringen kann.
Vor Jahren habt ihr die Initio-Badge ins Leben gerufen. Für eine Spende für einen guten Zweck gab es ein T-Shirt und eine Ingame-Badge. Bitte zieht etwas ähnliches für die #GlobalShards in Betracht.

Nach all der Zeit, Energie und auch dem Geld, das in dieses Event investiert wurde, würden Spieler sicher gern für einen guten Zweck spenden, um dafür eine Ingame-Badge zu erhalten.
Es sollte dabei die Möglichkeit geben, mehrere zu kaufen, damit man diese an Spieler mit weniger finanziellen Mitteln aber viel Engagement geben kann.

Meinen aufrichtigen Dank, dass ihr den globalen Shards eine neue Chance gegeben habt. Vielen Dank, für die Chance am größten globalen Abenteuer, das Ingress zu bieten hat, teilzunehmen. 

Bitte plusst den Originalbeitrag, wenn ihr diese Idee unterstützen möchtet.
Shards memories for a good cause

As the shard game winds to a close, what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been.
Airplanes, fishing boats, hovercraft, ice walks and tropical island storms are just some of the amazing adventures Ingress agents around the world have gone on for the global shard game. These are the stories that make Ingress special, unique experience like no other in the world.
To that end, I think you should consider giving the players something to remember this by. An in-game Ingress badge (like an anomaly badge, please not a face badge), something related to shards or trans-continental links would be nice.

I am proposing a simple solution to bring a scanner badge to the players involved.
Years ago you launched the Initio badge, donate to a good cause, get a t-shirt and an in-game badge. Please consider something similar for the global shard game.

After the time/money/energy invested in the global shard game, donating to a charity or good cause, and getting an in-game scanner medal would be absolutely worth it for the players.
With an option to purchase more than one so that we can share with agents who we feel went above and beyond (with fewer monetary means)

My sincere thanks for giving global shards another chance, and bringing the greatest global adventure Ingress has to offer, back to the players.
It's time to move.

+NIA Ops
+Niantic Project
+Anne Beuttenmüller
+Andrew Krug
+Masashi Kawashima
+Hilda Leung

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Wann ist denn nun endlich Schluss? 😉 Das kommt drauf an... In Europa schließen die Targets am Samstagabend um 21 Uhr.
Mehr Infos zum Verlauf der aktuellen #GlobalShards auf

When will it be over? Depends ... In Europe the targets will close at Saturday, 9 o'clock in the evening. View the pictures for times in MEZ and UTC.

#FateOfThe13 #Ingress
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Sometimes I wanna be a shard. Amazing what they get to see. 

#GlobalShards #FateOfThe13 #MistyHannah #Ingress 
Shard 63 and slice of Misty born in Pjhase 2 in Sweden, moved by RES to North America, prevented for score in Cleveland by timely ENL blocking, finally stolen by ENL in Kansas and scored in San Antonio, TX.

ENL are now 5-0 on Misty Hannah.

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Hallo Berlin! Hallo shards!
Berlin looks so much nicer with a green target at the Neptunbrunnen. 💚

#Berlin #GlobalShards #FateOfThe13 #Ingress 

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Die heiß ersehnten Run Reports unsrer #CorvoWarriors sind da. Viel Spaß beim Lesen. 💚🐸

- Stealing Shards on the isle of Corvo:
- ENL Trip to Corvo for Shards #11, #28, #59 and #61:

Danke an die beteiligten Agenten vor Ort und remote, OPs sowie diejenigen, die die Aktion durch ihre Spende unterstützt haben. 😘💚

Und es gibt noch andere, genauso coole ENL-Aktionen, die unsre Unterstützung benötigen. Spenden via Paypal sind jederzeit willkommen:
Danke! 💚👍

#Ingress #Corvo #GlobalShards #FateOfThe13 

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Kleiner Einblick ins Schweizer Geschehen aus ENL-Sicht. Vielen Dank. Hab herzlich gelacht. :D
#FateOfThe13 #GlobalShards #Totemügerli #Schweiz
Shards, Switzerland, 12th of March

A lovely sunday afternoon, the sun is shining and I'm in my car driving to Zoffingen. I'm on a mission, I feel like Jane Bond. I've got one eye on my mobile to follow the chat, I've got my headset on for last minute instructions on Zello and my movements are watched by an operator from Holland.

I'm in time for the 12 o'clock jump, I try to sneak pass the waiting resistance players, while trying to count how many they are. Meeting up behind a building with other enlightend players, we're hopelessly outnumbered. Last minute plan, microfield the portal. So trying to sneek pass the "enemy" again, phone in pocket and farm some keys. When we got back, our numbers look much better: we've got reinforcement from Germany., still outnumberd though

Microfield plan is dropped, we need all hands on the portal. Try to recapture the portal, that is our goal. The tasks are divided, everybody is ready. We want to fire a the count of 7, just to make the blast bigger.

Sadly, we've lost the battle, the Shard moved. Resistance is celebrating, they cheer and laugh, even saw a little tear of joy.

We smile, they moved the Shard the huge, really huge distance of 50 meters. Next battle is at 5, we'll be ready

I've been to 4 shard battles, just as one of the group, no special task or important mission, just a simple ground soldier. But it has been so great, the sensation of being part of something so big. The operators, the cleaners, the blockers, the planners and us at the shard: just one team with one mission, the best team ever, go frogs! Thanks for letting me be a part of it

#ingress #shards #fateofthe13 #totemürgeli #enlightend

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Today at the missions in the Comic Event, we could get a very unique and interesting piece of information about Techtulu and their correlation with our entire history. Techtulu is not good or evil but it's just capable of extreme good of extreme evil, depending on the reasons that lead to its creation.

I wonder what will happen after this shard event, will it lead to a techtulu that is capable of greatness! Let's hope so!

Thanks to @Wond3rBread for sharing his findings and to @KokuryuuENL for helping assembling the picture.

+flint dille+H. Richard Loeb+Edgar Allan Wright​ 

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Nachdem ich über die vergangenen Jahre geflissentlich meinen braunen Daumen gepflegt habe, dachte ich: Was pflegeleichtes, anspruchsloses wäre doch mal was. Und guckste, bin ich doch über #Tillandsien gestolpert. Die kann man quasi überall hin tun oder gar aufhängen. Sie brauchen keine Erde und ziehen sich ihre Nährstoffe aus der Luftfeuchtigkeit.
Der Platz in der Nähe des Trinkwasserbrunnens für die Miezen scheint genau der richtige zu sein. Die ersten beiden blühen schon. 😍
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