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There are many ways you can spread the word about Ingress. For example you can tell your friends. You can also share some kind of artwork using your social network account. You can print a A4 poster and put it on a bulletin board at your workplace. Or you can put a 360x60cm poster on three trams travelling through the Czech Republic`s capital, Prague, which is exactly the idea we (meaning Ingress Czech Resistance members) had a few weeks ago.
After testing the idea through discussion, crowdfunding the costs, beerstorming the design ideas, persuading an agent to sacrifice his appearance and preparing the final artwork (the creative part happening in less than a week) this idea came to the existence. The trams hit the tracks in the middle of August and the ads were scheduled to run for a month.
Many thanks to agents @mrkef, @Martja and @cebreus whose creativity made this possible as well as @jblazke for his courage lending us his face.
I would also like to thank all those who contributed to make this possible, namely @PSintak, @TS232, @greslikus, @Toimas, @Alenash, @Lada, @slasid, @Rirouch, @pif77, @petricak, @jblazke, @Mikos, @Martja, @jaaara, @Achran, @VencaCzSk, @DanPrg, @Pegas, @marwell, @zouhy, @vip37, @Bollorock, @chucksgone, @Kvetak, @zbm, @xdrm, @Lakomisko, @CZJindrich and @cebreus

@tPaK, +Ingress Czech Resistance 
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Blue scanner --- green glow on face... someone messed up on the photoshopping.
Kyle D
Does he have 3 or 4 fingers in real life? 
+Kyle D index finger is probably resting just out of sight behind the device.

But would have been better with a male and female back to back looking at their respective scanners.
Q: QR code usage is very low, how can we make it better?
A: attach it to a tram!
How many new agents did the campaign attract?
+Tim McGuckian unfortunately impossible to tell now, I didn't want to complicate the recruitment pipeline and the plaintext URL so we could measure this.
Even though this is Resistance propaganda, I think this is an awesome ad :P
Good job, fool, waste your time and resources advertising a game for a company that collects billions in revenue.
+Victor Hardy additive colour theory, blue glow on yellow face can come out green. If anything was an issue with not proofing at the printers :P
Wow, Niantic has convinced players to pay for their marketing now too!
+@Mustelidae that would hold if the bandanna didn't have the same green glow, or does blue and black make green on a bad print-out now?
+Brian Tao Everything in ingress is about money now. Big fields, anomalies, artefacts... :(
+Jorge Steffen ?

We inspired the artists who created this image to paint the agent face green. This shows that deep down the agent is truly enlightened but is repressed by the resistance from being able to express that. Thanks to A.D.A corrupting his scanner forcing his choice without free will.
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