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Hey there everyone, been a while.

Soooo... remember me saying I stopped working on Notify due to frustration?
It's still frustrating but I did some rework anyways.

Lets get the bad news out the way first:
Notify requires Android 6.0+ and I'm not planing on supporting anything below.

Onward to GLORY! erm.. what changed I mean:
1. I overhauled the look (Follows the material guidelines much more)
2. Notify is now pink (deal with it, not like you stare at it the whole day)
3. Notify is now OPEN SOURCE

I'm still on the fence with my implementation which is why I haven't open-sourced it up until now but than I realized... one will give a flying cookie so yeah. OPEN SOURCE!!! WUUUUH!!! :)
If you wanna help improve the app, be my guest.
Me and maybe/probably others will appreciate it!

Also, I rewrote the Kodi add-on and dropped support for Helix and Isengard alongside the new release.
Add-on is already in the official kodi-repo.

That's it for now.
Have a great upcoming weekend everyone!

Important notice for everyone interested in/using the Notify app.

Due to high frustration regarding a very specific bug I've been unable to fix for the longest time, I stopped working on this app for an undefined amount of time.
I'm really sorry for this especially as I myself would love this app to properly work.

In more details:
This bug isn't quite my fault but rather how androids NotificationListenerService (That thing that lets me read the notifications) works.

A simple example:
Let's say you get a message (sms, hangouts, mail etc.) for the first time. Notify will display it, no problem.
Now, without reading/removing the notification within android, you get a second notification from the same app which creates a grouped notification (consisting of two notifications, the first and second one).
At this point androids NotificationListenerService calls my logic twice.
Once for the first and a second time for the new notification.
I have no way of telling which of those notification the new one is as key elements like the notifications id, post-time etc. completely change.
This ultimately results in me sending both notifications to Kodi.

I tried a crap tone of stuff to work around it, asked on stackoverflow and the xda-developers forum without response.

I finally reached a point where I just don' give a fuck anymore.
Maybe I'll revisit this project in the future but for now I'll focus on other things.

Two new python modules no one (apart from me) needs but I open-sourced them anyway (because I can) :D

Oh wow..
I'm a official member of team +Kodi now!!!
Thanks so much for having me. I really appreciate it :)

Update time!!! :)
The Google Play Music add-on now supports Situations which are basically Stations categorized under e.g. It's Friday evening.
You can find it in Listen now right below I'm feeling lucky

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Open-Source FTW! :)
If you had a project you thought could change the world, would you keep it to yourself? #DistributedGenius‬  is all about opening up these great ideas for collaboration. Watch:

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