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"It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives. If we find we cannot help others, the least we can do is to desist from harming them."
- Dalai Lama
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Too true, +Jorge S. Far too much Schadenfreude going around. As for the illustration.....++++++++ :)
wow, so intellegnt person.....
wo bolte h na, nakal k liye b akal lgti h....
Why would u help your teacher
kawan kawannya menjadikannya pelukis manakala gurunya mendorong ke depan, bilangan adalah jangan bilang bilang 
Uaaaamm,(kya singa)

-----Pesan Asli---
Love the way you answer the question
The shame is , not that everyone looks out for themselves , there are those that want everyone to look out for them. Always taking , never giving !
what? i'm drop out since was sleep, i mean it just only alpha university not worthed for stupid person like me
I totally agree that there is way too much Schadenfreude going around.
u shod visit canada one day
umm... wat was the point of this post?? its not even interesting.
Some dumb people out there... Read the message and only then will you get it.
frendship whit uk people is good cos they dont swer lick usa people and they r kind pice on earth usa people tel me to f canada uk ses i love canada
keel the usa drop a atem bomb on them
Thank you for posting this wise advice.
ru sour what if that person stab u in the back
Good idea ,,,,
Sometimes, some pictures n total physical responses are useful in learning process and daily activities ,,,,

Little boy misunderstand friends help. .lol
This four fingers are symbol to the Rabaa squar sit-in, which the coup's forces dismissaled, and left hundreds of martyrs. 
Benerrrrrrr cah bagosssssssss,,,
Bahaha thats totally me
I love how you put the Dalai's wise words to this cartoon. It's so unfortunate that so many people don't get it, as witnessed by some of the comments here.
Love that. Wish more people would live by it
If your kid is 6 years old in the 1st grade and doesn't know 2+2=4, he's stupid and there is no hope...cause the next 12 years are all going down from there! 
Yes is hard, but focus deeply, find causes, you need to more more about it.
The world would be a better place. Whys everyone so arrogant
You guys are all idiots. It has nothing to do with math. It is about caring and helping or friends and neighbors. To be better people to those around us, but if you can not figure that out you are all hopeless haters
R4BIA..the boy write the correct means of friendship & solidarity..
So true, i wish i could find peace happiness n health, as well as wanting nothing but the vest for ny four beautiful children 
El alumno tiene la razon, o quisa el maetro pensabaque el tenia la razon por que ? Por
2+2 son 22 creo que si que piensan ustedes :
The boy is right coz, 2 fingers + 2 fingers =4 fingers as d boy by illustration
It is the Egyptian sign of victory in Egypt now (Rabaa)....
Ein guter Text. Trotzdem: Liebe deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst (Gal 5,14) - nur so ist das Miteinander - Umgeben der Menschen stimmig. 
good he coped boys fingers other wise he would draw a sir face
I have a lot of people help me that pic. Is sooooooo sweeeeeet

It's most likely a helped person who has learned the value of helping others.
Assllamullikm, slm knl but smua ya, l m sory sy bhs bule ya ert dikt aj gpp kn...??
Mr teacher he is cheating his friends tell them 2+2=4 give me a gift I say the answer
Ok...dh mgudrkn dri,...sory i dont understand, good ninght.
Ha ha ha the boy said no matter you old go to school an intrer class .
it is hot during day time bt pleasant in morning n evening. 
I would, if I was a teacher, accept that because it is still the number 4 (four) and the awnser is still correct!
Some people don't want to be helped. They hijack Society with their existence, often using children as hostages and human shields. "Provide for me or the kid will pay."

They mustn't be negotiated with. Men must stop paying women to impose suffering on children. Mothers must be made to please themselves. 
This is crazy symbole of crazy turkish prime minister
I think everyone is not getting the meaning of the quote. The quote is true I just wish more people would understand what is being said and try to live by it. This world is full of haters. We need people to be helpful to others. Pray for those who need help and help those that you can.
In today's life people are so ready to think the worst. We need to pray for those who need it and help those that we can. We must trust in The Lord to lead us in the right direction
that is so funny they tell them the answer
The 4 fingers are the new slogan of Al-Ikhwan in Egypt after there innocent people were brutally killed by Gen. Sesi. 4 fingers mean "RABIA" and RABIA is the name of Mosque which was destroyed by the forces and in Arabic language RABIA means 4. Now RABIA is every where!
Sehr nett. Der Kleine weiss sich zu helfen. Haben wir dies nicht auch mal gemacht?
F tfcfffffft t. T t. Ffff c
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