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Doesn't seem fair to use the word "Evolution" for both examples LOL
Hmmmm....... Not sure if trying to make a point or show off different wallpapers.
It would be hard not to make a point given the current Samsung vs Iphone situation.
this picture never fails to amuse. reminds me of looking at windows 95,98 and me
Shows how little certain devices (Apple) have evolved.........
Apple need to see more images like this to see who is innovating and not suppressing ........ 
Seems like they(Apple) got it the most right the first time. 
What's funny is the Android evolution shows it getting more iPhone looking over time.
I love this image! Saw it many times, but it always makes me smile.
I see this graphic every couple weeks.  I don't really get it. 

The layout of icons does not really depict the "evolution" of either OS.
Think it has as much to do with the shapes of the actual device and how that has changed not so much icons, the iphone has been the same size and shape since it came out, Apple have just realised that people actually want a larger screen and the Android gives the choice of screen sizes to suit what ever someone wants.
A. Bea
In all fairness things like the Samsung galaxy S2/3 are far too big-an iPhone is the right size for that sort of phone is you want a non apple product-go for a blackberry-they're also around the right size.
Well i guess everyone has their own taste as to what size of device they want/need, Apple doesnt really give you that at the moment
It says "OS" Has nothing to do with the hardware
I find the size of the Galaxy S2 perfect for what I want, really can't stand the smaller size. My wife has a galaxy ace, and I find it quite difficult to use compared to my GS2. But as +Alan McLellan says, it's probably a matter of taste and in my case, size of fingers :D
Honestly, It all comes down to the true value of your tech.  If I can buy a tablet that has expandable memory, a dual core chip and a HD screen, front and back cameras for $250,  why does the "New iPad" cost more than double that?
The new iPad costs that because people will pay it.
A coworker of mine (6'6" 320 lbs. not into smartphones) was instructed by his wife to go out and get one. He was using one of those tiny flip phone jobs. It looked like a childs toy in his hands.

He came to us here in the IT dept and asked our advice. I called down another user that had the Samsung Galaxy SIII and asked him to tell me if that was a better fit for him.
He loved it. He decided based on screen size and overall feel in his hands.

His wife's iPhone 4s was completely out of the question for him no matter how well it performed. His hands were too big.

Everyone has deal makers and deal breakers when choosing a phone. In this case, Android better suited his needs.
+Dale Harper you my friend are absolutely right!  You could have the best OS but if your hardware can't run it you have a brick.
Its like Apple never moved even if it did it were only two steps
I love Android and my current and last phone have been the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus One and the two before were iPhone and iPhone 3GS and I must say if wasn't for the first iPhone Android wouldn't be no way as good as it is today. Not saying it copied iOS but just focused Google's development efforts in a different direction that might not have taken.
Paul Ng
The drawing shows that android changed their backgrounds and icons vs iOS changed nothing except the background. And the screens getting taller to accommodate the Google search bar. Am I missing something here?
Android we took a hit but let's get back up with the release of the galaxy note 2 quad core #samsung4life from my galaxy s3
Apple.... If you can't beat em( and you cant) sue em ;)
Apple got it right the first time. Notice how Android is always a year behind? Making a different sized device isn't innovative, btw, just bigger. Aside from the small percentage of folks whose hands are too big for an iPhone, if you want a bigger screen get a tablet. I like how the iPhone fits in my pocket and hand. Galaxy is too big.
dont tell me what to do, I'm buying whatever the hell i want
What on Earth is the purpose of this?
+Johann Caceres - That's a silly point in mobile. iPhones and Android devices are mostly the same price, the iPhone, in fact, is even cheaper in most scenarios.
Sorry - how do you tell them apart? :-) :-) 
I can clearly see Android phones have gotten larger.. and wallpapers. :) Sammy's galaxy s1 is the one I think that broke the rules... I'm a hardcore android fan.. and I hate to say.. it looks a lot like an iPhone wanna be. There is no comparing android vs iPhone though.. 2 different os for 2 different customers...
Excactly I buy the smart phone that I needs for doing business 
+Andy Geleff  I got my Galaxy s 4g for $20. Where can you get an apple phone for that price? 
+Sully TheUnusual you obviously dont pay attention to android that much. the only upgrade is not size. android was first at cut and paste, folders, widgets, near field communications, 4G, facial recognition, voice recognition, notifications, multi tasking, mobile hotspot, cloud storage and sync, expandable storage, and so on. many of those features still not available on any iphone. who is the one a year behind now?

so yeah, im glad your phone fits in your pocket, im just sorry you have been conned into thinking that its cutting edge and innovative after 4 years of almost no change.
+Andy Geleff I bought a Nexus that was unlocked for $350.  You don't even have that option with apple tech.
So changing the entire OS every single year is the smart business decision? If you say so. 
Well, I just broke my android's screen, like, an hour ago :\ I needed to replace it anyway
+Dave Burton iOS released in 2007. iOS 6 is about to release. 5 years, 6 versions. think before you speak.
+Paul Guardino - Uh, AT&T sells the iPhone 3GS for free.

+Johann Caceres - Oh, you mean like being able to walk into an Apple Store and buy an iPhone 4 or 4S unlocked? Because I can do that, it's just a bit expensive. I'm not saying Apple is perfect, but you just look stupid spewing facts about things you don't know about.
The outer looks might have changed, but iOS is still top in user friendliness. It has always been about ease and not confusing the consumer every time a newer device was launched.
Ramin H
Yeah, sure. The home screen of the phone says everything about the operating system.
So as Android phones have capitalized on their defacto status as the poor-mans laptop replacement and grown to the point where they are unwieldy and don't really work as phones anymore, the iPhone has remained more or less true to its original mission.

Cool story, bro. . .
I understand the hate on apple, but chill. I don't even have the phone (HTC amaze 4g), but its not that bad, definitely better than most android phones.
+Andy Geleff 
I wouldn't take anything for free if it means I would be stuck with AT&T lol. 
+Johann Caceres - They're not more expensive than most unlocked phones, is my point. Take a look at the unlocked devices on - tell me they don't come in as "a little expensive." You just look silly right now. 

Google is selling its lower-powered Android developer device unlocked for $350, because there's a reason they need to sell it that low. 
+Sully TheUnusual I am looking forward to your next iPhone upgrade, I am pretty sure Apple has changed their mind about the "ideal" screen size. Guess you will be stuck with your current 3.5"-er
It's the other way around. Android had to keep trying new things, obviously their design sucked. If it ain't broke don't fix it, at least the outside.
+Paul Guardino - Alright, but that's not the point. If someone wants an iPhone, they can get one for a $1.06 in most states. AT&T isn't atrocious everywhere.
What is this image supposed to invoke? Just fanboys from both side saying theirs is better?
Why are people really only looking at icon sets/wallpapers? Do you not see the evolution of the home screen launchers, docks, search bars, etc? Sure, an iteration of Android brought in live wallpapers, but that's all you choose to see because you're fanboys of iOS, who have really made no visible changes and can't accept that Android has evolved far more over the years? Go figure. I'm not Jesus so can't make the blind see, I guess...
Sooo... Android has evolved and iOS has been static? I'll go with the one evolving, please.
Lol... The difference is Apple products work better. 
that reminds me of how when u compare a cat to a dog the andriod os is always different the ios is the same like a cat NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL!!!
There would be more comments on this posting from android users but their batteries ran out at 10:30 this morning. 
It seems the phone on the bottom got it right the first time.
Get over it. Samsung lost and Apple win.
I have iPad 2 and Galaxy Nexus ... withouut doubt Android 4.1 JB is smoothest , progressive and best mobile OS !!!
Some of us are used to hi-end quality, that works properly. Android lovers can't understand that. I bet most of you use dells too!!! haha
On what do you base the statement that android crashes a lot! Mine has never crashed despite using android for several years! 
Why change something that worked great from the beginning? Just because Android came out w/a bigger device, doesn't mean it was better. Even new android phones still lag by a lot while scrolling around the screen & that's we're Apple takes the win.. 
here is my issue with this graphic: how many android users who bought their phone in 2010 have the current, most up to date android OS?  i am betting that the answer is somewhere far south of 50%.  how many iphone users who bought their phone in 2010 have the current, most up to date version of iOS?  probably somewhere north of 75%.  unless you buy a nexus phone, you are probably locking yourself into the operating system that you get.  even with a nexus, your update is still reliant on your carrier. 
+Marc Pacheco Yep. iOS started out far ahead of Android - but it's been relatively stagnant. Android on the other hand has grown tremendously.

That's not even mentioning tablets. iOS on an iPad? Hilariously clumsy, after having using Android ICS on my Galaxy Tab 2.
Apple is like having a Ferrari n Samsung like Kia
Jeez, android is sooooo much better! Makes it even weirder that Samsung blatantly ripped off iOS... Also, most android devices get one update anyway, so this is misleading.
another reason why i love can bet that it will be a bigger scream, but everything will be as static as ever!
jjajajaja... HTC start men not samsung!!! lollll the phone under 2011 is an iPhone 4.
Android is way ahead in functionality, where Apple leads on simplicity in most aspects. Thumbs up for Samsung and Google!
+Joseph Alexander got it righ the first time? lol
that's why it copied multitasking, added wallpapers, copied notifications ....
Paul Ng
+Marc Pacheco People are looking at the icon sets and wallpapers because that's all they can see. Can you see anything else that we can't see? Please explain, from the pic, how can you tell, if you didn't already know, that the launchers have changed, docks, search bars, etc. You can tell that the background is a live wallpaper? Just from the pic? Because, there's no way, just from the pic, I can tell that it's live.

Everyone that's commented about the appearance gets +1 because that's all you can gather from just viewing the pic. Everyone else that commented on the hardware or whatnot or even the OS's features get a phat -100 for commenting on features that either OS has soley based on the pic, which doesn't offer anything except a visual representation of the home screen.
Why change something that works? Well, is the iphone 5 (or the NEW iphone) around the corner. If the iphone 4 works, then I guess no iphone 4-owners will buy the iphone 5. Or? #isheeps
So when are we finally gonna loose the soft keys. I hate soft keys, accidental touch and everything your working goes up in dust.
+Alan McLellan +Roger Brandt - Google gives users the CHOICE to use outdated operating systems, which can often be subject to security holes and incompatible application support? Man, that sounds like good customer service, bro.
Shows apple got it right first time
+Andy Geleff says a user of an OS you can jailbreak (ie touch the kernel) just by visiting a website. now THAT'S what I call security.
Yeah, Android gets better and better and better ... IMO Jelly Bean is much better then even latest greatest iOS.  YMMV, of course.

PS. I've been using both OSes, contrary to many anti-Android commenters here.
Whilst I do find this amusing, it does show that ios was pretty damn good when it came out. Android before ICS wasn't the best looking or the best functioning if that's a word. Now however, ios seems boring and stale. I got bored of it after a month with my ipod touch. I even preferred my £100 froyo phone over it. Now I upgraded to my s2 and realised just how good android is. Even the s2 screen is too small for me and I think a 5 inch screen would be perfect. I hate small screens now. Iphones feel like toys compared. Very well made toys.
+Hassan Dibani - Funny you mention that. 1) It doesn't work anymore. 2) I use a Galaxy Nexus as my primary device.
+Bilal Ahmed "Apple is like having a Ferrari n Samsung like Kia" 

This why I dislike Apple users. show off wannabe's.
+Lyndsy Simon - The iPhone 3G is also three years old, clearly surpassing the duration of a standard American's 2-year contract agrement, which, is considered the "life of the device." Please, I don't mean to be rude, but don't start that fucking argument with me. Even the worst Android fanboys know that the Android upgrading process is a fragmented mess.
Apple products doesn't seems to get bigger but the price does.
+Hassan Dibani Don't forget that copy and paste, mms, an app store were not on the first iteration. My flip phone could do that stuff.

I WAS thinking of getting the new iPhone when it came out. Slowly thinking I don't want to anymore. Apparently as a residual effect, you become a close-minded asshole.
I use both ios and android also, i have an hp touchpad with ics and also an ipad and htc phone. Android lets me do SO much more without tying me into a program (itunes) to make sure no one dares think of sideloading an app, shame on you for even thinking that lol 
For the record, my current "phone" is an imported Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0" with cellular support. My wife has an iPhone 4S, and my parents both have iPads which I admin.

I've used both OSes for a couple of years now. With 4.x, Android is much easier to use, and much more powerful. Especially on tablets.
People shouldnt get all ass hurt over a phone/ OS...really. Ridiculous to carry any company's flag that way. They dont giva fuk about you. 
Android sucks that's why they keep coming out with me OS's. I've had two different brands and they are Crappy to say the least. I'd rather spend my money on something that works. 
+Andy Geleff well, almost right. but you forget that due to the openness of Android, you  CAN install a rom like Cyanogen Mod with the latest and greatest.
Apple is getting rotten? Is that it . Because android is going nasa ,, winning!
this just cracked me up. I have to show this off.
apple sucks big time !!! Useless for me 
+Hassan Dibani - Yeah, and tell the average Joe that they need to spend time to learn how to hack their phone just to have the latest, most secure software, and I'm sure they'll buy your product right away. For people like you and I, that may be a great alternative, but for someone who's never even heard of hacking before, that's a bit of a stretch.
+Andy Geleff The consumer has a bit more responsibility in choosing a manufacturer that provides updates with Android. That's a fair trade, IMO.
+Sully TheUnusual lol isheep comment alert!! Android a year behind? Oh lord, your so far up the apple ecosystem you can smell the faeces!
So i went to a friend's wedding in France.snapped some pics with my Android phone. another friend of his did the same with his iPhone. on the way back to the train station, I met this friend of the groom again, we decided to exchange the pics. I picked my phone, zipped a folder and sent him all my pics at once. he was like wait a second, I need to sync with itunes .... I was like really 0.o ?
+Andy Geleff your comment just shows that you have no idea why consumers hack their phones.  Many users jailbreak their iphones because they just need something that does more.
Android is IN, i think it has a great future, just look newest version.
iOS blahh....
Logical progression...

Go Android! Apple has failed to innovate, has made no progress, and has the most narrow minded, blind, and simple fans.
+Lyndsy Simon - It SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE SOMETHING TO RESEARCH prior to walking into a store. If my grandmother wants a smartphone, she should know that her device is going to get the proper updates, whether it's made by HTC, Samsung, Motorola, or Apple.
I can't wait for the excitement when the iFans get to choose a phone that has 4G!  That should get a line around the building...
ios vs android that's new
+Johann Caceres - Well, I'm currently running an AOSP Jelly Bean ROM on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, because I want the latest version of Android, since Verizon won't allow Google to push updates directly.  I personally find people who jailbreak iPhones stupid, because there's really no need to jailbreak anymore, and it really just breaks the smooth performance of the device. 
I like both products for different reasons. This is the internet, I'm sure someone will find issue in that. But seriously, was the pictured is like looking at a political graph designed by one party. The iphones overall in the picture are shown smaller scale than the Android phones. 
I have a Galaxy Nexus. It doesn't crash. It has more functionality, features and options than iOS. And that's just on the stock OS. I can update or change my OS easily.

PS, in the last two weeks, I have heard many iPhone users say, "It's just the right size. Android phones are too big." That's it?

Is all this technical talk just too confusing? Thank God for a phone that just works.
+Jack Fox - Show me a 4G phone that has battery life to get you through the day (that isn't the Razr Maxx). I'd rather have waited the extra year to get a device that's going to perform well than buy into a technology early that's going to suck ass.
you are so right +Roger Brandt , i do not enjoy having to buy a diff phone because mine cannot have the lastest android OS.  i meas really you have android on everything its weak, please make something that finally works!!!!!  iOS makes 1 phone 1 OS and thats it, its all i need. Everything apple makes every other phone company already has it, but difference makes it work!!!
+terry diller - I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic about a phone that "just works," but that's the iPhone and NOT Android. 
+Sully TheUnusual so then why is Apple now making the iPhone larger if they got it right? The market share says they are now not getting right which is why they are changing and...suing.
Rob M
Hate Apple products or not, they still deserve respect. I'm a Droid user but I still respect the competition. Just my $0.02
+Andy Geleff then don't buy it, it's called choice. you are old enough to make your own decisions, but don't go complaining that these devices exist, they are there for people who wwant them.
And so Apple has been around longer....Apple never had a key pad now they don't have a key Apple come out with holograms and then they come with it too.....
when you cant innovate or create...then you cant feed out techno-obsessed minds. Get off the field of competition apple. Your pride days are over.
+Hassan Dibani - Where am I complaining? You're the one trying to tell me which is better than the other...
Apple got it pretty right first the first time?
+Alexis Cardoza not true. there have been 5 different iPhones and as they update the iOS they dont always support the older phones. the older hardware wont work with the newer software. this is the same as it is in the world of android. the difference is that android updates more frequently providing technology as fast as it comes forward. honestly, i would rather keep getting the options of faster and more feature filled phones than wait around.
+Bryan Hargrave - Yeah, but iOS devices are supported throughout the duration of a cellular contract term.
I do feel sorry for the people saying that 3.5 inches is the perfect size and any bigger is too big. When the next 4 including iphone comes out, they'll be stuck with the 4s forever.
Apple fanboys opinions of Android are just like the iPhone...OUTDATED!

They have never truly used a "name brand" high end Android device running Android 4.0+.
If it isn't broke, don't improve it? Or?
well ive had both phones one for my buisness and one personal, and honestly i just cant stand my motorola razr i really cant, theres nothing i diff or innovated about it, my iphone simple and bland but gets me everything working right away +Bryan Hargrave  but we all have differences ! 
+Thomas Bridgewater - I long felt that way. I think 3.5-inches is perfect for one hand usability, but I have small hands. That said, I love my Galaxy Nexus, even if I do have to hold it differently to get to the other side of the screen. When I go back to using my iPhone, it feels like a child's toy, but I get used to it and it really isn't too bad. A larger iPhone would definitely be nicer, but it has a really nice niche.
The Honda CB750, ranked recently as the bike of the century, changed very little from 1969 to 1976. That doesn't mean there were not significant small changes though. It's the same with the iPhone. There were changes to the case design, battery life, screen resolution, cameras in the front and rear, SIRI, and many more.
I love this. There's also a 'slide to unlock' floating around that is hilarious.
Why change something, if it's perfect?
Apple is mainstream. Android open source. Bottom line.
Two truths that will fall: 
1. The only correct size for a smartphone is 3,5 inches
2. A tablet cannot be smaller than 9,7 inches 
k sun
please...can't we all get along? it is very clear that apple has the truly superior product. my grandma uses the iphone flawlessly and she's 79!
No siri on iPhone 4, just saying.......
+Paul Ng If you actually read my comment, I did not comment on functionality or what people can't see. Based on the pictures above, one can clearly see that the home screen launcher (lower dock, search bars, colors) are clearly not the same. I made a comment regarding the wallpapers because that's what people were mentioning, so I actually will say they are right on that part as a big change at one point in time was for wallpapers. I can take that win away from people who said all that changed was wallpapers. Don't mind at all. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked, but I'm sure if I gave this to a kid and asked them to circle the differences like in Hilights magazine, they'd find more than most people on here care to notice
Not much visual change in iOS at all and from the looks of things 2012 will be more of the same having seen iOS6 demo'd a few months ago.
k sun
oh and to the guy that said that " android upgrading process is a fragmented mess"....yeah you are better off with your apple product.
+k sun Would I use something my grandmother finds easy and comprehensive. Nah... Think not... 
+Andy Geleff I think that fact that you have both android and iphone says alot about you as a consumer.  You are not happy with any phone that you currently have that is why you have both.  BTW on website you put, the Unlocked Iphone is $530 compared to an "inferior" Nexus for $350.  Which has just as good if not better hardware.  You unfortunately are what we call a APPLE FANBOY.
I wish it wasn't true, but the Apple design is still better.
Android lets u customize almost everything.
To customize ios, u have to void warranty.
And… i've integrated ios devices into our company's business. They are really bad at it.
The only thing ios is really good at - is marketing. They are damn gods of selling nice-looking bricks
Oh boy!  Can the iFans look forward to a decent sized screen?  Oops.
+Andy Geleff are u serious under powered my ass galaxy nexus is far from under powered its far more power full then the 4s u buy a 4s unlocked for over 7 hundred an get a unlocked galaxy nexus for 35o u r the one looking stupid
+Andy Geleff even when I had my iPod touch for awhile I still felt the screen was too small and awkward to type on. Now I've got s2 and my dad has the note, whenever I use an iphone, I almost cringe at how cramped it all is. I make so many mistakes on the keyboard, its almost funny. Iphones just don't suit me. I like to tinker and mess around with my stuff. That's why I root. Can't do that as well with iphones. Yes you can jailbreak it but its not the same and all iphones I have seen that have been jail broken all become really slow. My friends iphone 4 can't even keep up with him typing, and he doesn't type very fast.
I appreciate that ios was superior early on but I like to be able to perform basic tasks without having to modify my device. Like sending files over bluetooth etc. I actually find ios rather unintuitive. May sound weird but watch wicked4u2c on YouTube in his android vs ios series and you'll see what I mean.
There should be a rule about bashing an OS unless you have used both. I was on an iPhone for about 4 years. I've been on Android for about a year and half.

Here is the difference for me:

Android isn't what Google tells me it is.
Android is what I tell it to be. 
+David Benson Never owned a Nexus? iOS is idiot proof, that is pretty much all it has going for itself.
Everyone's iPhone is exactly the same. You can't even theme it without a jail break. With android you can customize everything.
+Jeff Metzger this man speaks the truth. Also, you shouldn't say stuff like android is laggy if you have only used low end android phones on froyo or gingerbread. I think anything past the s2 can be considered fast
+Johann Caceres I'm an Apple fanboy, despite having used Android phones longer and more often than my iPhones? Oh. Okay. I'm done arguing with you. You're stupid.
Of course IPhone keeps getting improvements all the time. They have added newsstand. Twitter integration, voice controls, ota updates, wireless sync, cloud sync, and notifications in last update which by the way had all been on Android for years! ;p
android is way better and easier to code for then IOS
Can we all just agree that MMS support for Android is terrible?
+Oscar Salgado if its opensource, why isnt it cheaper? or better? ohhh riiight its the same thing with linux, no one uses it for daily use, sure you can customize however you want, but really who cares.....the thing about android is simple, updated defragmentation will destroy android itself..... +Chris Corriere  so its a matter of ego...?
+Andy Geleff why is MMS support terrible? I don't really send or receive any so sorry for my lack of knowledge on the subject.
+Andy Geleff I guess I am stupid, because I still don't understand what side of the fence you are on? Are you saying that apple=good or apple=bad?  You say you use Android more often but you still argue for Apple.  Also, why do you have two phones?!?!?!  I believe having tech to you means to have status.  If I were to view you that way then I would say you are stupid for having TWO phones.  And don't say one if for work because you know that's not true.
+Johann Caceres I'm not on any side of the fence. I see things wrong with both platforms and use them as I see fit. I work in technology journalism, so I have a device on every platform to try out different apps and software updates.
+Johann Caceres why does having 2 phones mean he is stupid. Cold be a developer. I've seen developers with 10s of phones. And seen a few people who aren't developers with more han one phone. Maybe a backup if the battery dies.
+Andy Geleff really? It doesn't for me. I have had 2 MMS before I think and they didn't exactly take long to load. :-$
Wait, which one is the Android, and which one is the iPhone...I can't tell them apart?
+Thomas Bridgewater You are right I didn't think about that.  Well +Andy Geleff is not a developer. He's an editor.  I guess I misjudged him because of the comment he made on my post and the ones after that.  In the end I can't have a discussion with anyone who doesn't have a point to make.  The only point i wish to make is that apple products are overly priced.  Yes, they make tech porn, sexy tech.  But if I can get the same bells and whistles for less, I will.
I think that should say "iOS iteration"?
Why boycott Apple? Freedom of choice,at the moment I have chosen Android, If Apple have their way you will have limited choice. I make my decision on what I like,not because I am told what to choose..
+Johann Caceres I am with you on that. I do think that they are overpriced. If you compare them feature for feature, they should cost less but people will pay a lot for them so why not charge a lot. I got my s2 for £330 instead of £500 for the iphone. Big difference. Also, people in the USA get ripped off big time for phones. Have got to admit that the iphone is a good looking bit of tech though.
+Jan Sandtrø Three years: 2009-06-19. I agree, it's a little for a lot. I was disputing the original claim that an unlocked iPhone wasn't even an option.
The cost is the big difference.  The courts have proved they are the same phone.
Reading through all of these, I see comments that 'android is cheaper because its no good' - in reality the core is open so android effectively costs nothing but an open communities time.  As said earlier, most people jailbrake iPhones to get access to the core to get more features - and the upgrade process on android is not really that difficult, not that much more difficult than through iTunes if you use kies.
This is the dumbest post about android vs ios ive seen.

¿Is the Os or the gadgets (phones)?

Come on!... give me another one...
+Alan McLellan how is not getting updates the same as having a choice?  you can choose not to update your iphone (jailbreaking assures it), but being stuck with a static OS is no choice at all.  and to all those that say updating isn't that hard, most people want it to be even easier: their phone tells them an update is available, and then they choose whether or not to accept the upgrade.  apple delivers this type of ease of use. most people want updates because developers write new apps based on the latest system, not on the one that was out last year.
I really enjoy reading these debates.  I am 79 but vision is still good enough that when I watched a fellow playing Angry Birds on an iPhone while we were waiting during jury duty, I felt sorry for him and he didn't play it very long.  I am thankful that there are several camps for competition but don't hear much about the MS phone.  For now I will have to limp along with my Samsung G III.
Dear all mark my words no matter how much u not like iPhone but when the next iPhone 5 will be launched shortly it would fetch record sales and revenue which will settle all your doubts if Apple is not a superior accepted product. Just wait for a few more weeks. Apple as of today is unbeatable.
+David Boshears You are only proving my point that apple products are inflated in their price.  Why does a nexus have a better price than any of the devices you listed. Because it is not made by apple.
I just do not agree iphone5 will be just another phone and this is the problem for apple, unless there is some magic, the gap betwen phones will minimise and therefore the price will become dominant. I refer back to VHS, Betamax.
the iPhone: first three generations are the same. the next two after that have a background but still look the same. (did you notice that iphone 1, 3g, and 3gs are wider than the iphone 4 and 4s?)
lesson: android's upgrades are big. iOS's upgrades are small.
also, the names: (Apple-made) iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
(Google-made) T-Mobile G1, HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus
lesson: better variety of names come from google, not apple
+Hassen Dibani haha oh i wonder from where the pinch to zoom, visual voice mail, photo album, flow cover, Internet scrolling & much more came from lol. 
Look at that... Most of the icons haven't even changed in 4 years! 
No, wait! Look! ... They added a reflection (glare) to it in 2010!!!
Truth is there hasn't been a real innovation since the computer, everyone just keeps making improvements to the same idea. Someone needs to think of something truly new.
+Johann Caceres - I never had a point to make. I just wanted to point out that people arguing over which platform is better are just as stupid as they are for calling the other person stupid for using a different OS. Everyone has their own needs. Android and iOS aren't better than one and other, because they're so different in the way the operate and in the way they're controlled and maintained. They're really set out for two different types of people. Sometimes, people tend to flock to Android because the devices are cheaper and there's more of a choice, like you, and everyone else has mentioned. There are different screen sizes, processors, and user interfaces for anyone to choose from. Key word, there? CHOOSE. That's right. It's a choice. If I buy an iPhone 5, it doesn't make me an Apple fanboy. It means I enjoy using the iPhone as my daily device and prefer Apple's ecosystem over Google's (which, let's not lie, can be a bit confusing and cluttered sometimes). 

So, no, before you go and call me names again, think about what you're talking about and who you're talking to. In my home, there are Android phones, iPhones, BlackBerry devices, and Windows Phones. iPads, Android tablets, Windows PCs, Mac computers, Roku TV boxes, Xbox 360s, and various other electronic products. You know why? Because, when I bought them, they were what was best for me at the time of purchase. Yes, I'm loyal to Apple products, but that's because they've always worked best for me. I don't see anything wrong with customer loyalty? I'd rather spend the extra $300 on an Apple made laptop, not because I'm an Apple Sheep, but because I prefer the software of Apple's OS, I prefer the look and feel of the native and third party applications, I prefer the way the OS is maintained, and I prefer OS X for its ease in video editing, word processing, web, and sound editing - things I do a TON of. 

So, really. I'm no fanboy. I'm just a nerd who loves trying different things, and if something happens to work better than something else at any given time, then I roll with it until something better comes along and replaces it. In terms of mobile, right now, that's my Galaxy Nexus, and until the iPhone 5 comes out and I get to try that out for myself, I will be sticking with the Galaxy Nexus. Because it works for me. Right now.

So, sir. I believe you owe me an apology, in front of all these kind folks.

Note: I apologize for the horrible English. It was late.
+Andy Geleff dude, wow, you really sound like a fanboy... who writes such long comments without even getting to the point...
Paul Ng
+Marc Pacheco And if YOU actually read MY comment to your post about the hardware, I never directed that at you because, like you said, you never commented on the hardware. The comment that was directed at you was in reference to you asking why people concentrated on the visuals. Yes, the pic we can see the icons are different and that's my whole point. That's the only thing visibly different with the android OS from every iteration...visual difference. It's because that's all they see and, unless you're in the know, you couldn't possibly know that android supports live wallpapers, just from the pic.

The reference about the launcher, well, not many people outside the community know what a launcher on a smartphone is and that's why I used the icon reference.

And in my opinion, I don't think changing the icons and/or locations of things is a evolution of any sorts...
In my opinion, Android and Samsung are a match made in heaven, both are half arsed shitty products and the apple modest though it may seem actually works perfectly. And what do we want good products.... Well at least I want good products... How am I able to make this comparison? I have both, I got the sgs 2... I should have saved my money and just got the iPhone, that's what I did in the end anyway... 
loving the comments from the iSheep, people refer to apples "reality distortion field" the more i read the more I start to believe its real!
Awww - I've still got my G1 here on my desk , still works perfectly
if you love samsung and android so much you can buy mine or swap it for something that isnt made of cheap plastic and has a battery that lasts longer than 6 hours, and that doesnt drop data connection every 2 and a half seconds and that can connect to wifi without completing a masters degree in quantum physics.... oh, and isnt the result of plagerism.... smasung didnt even know what a touch screen was until apple came along...the only reality distortion i see is that those 'hemeroids" think they can compete...
+Marc Moon Neither had apple until they saw it in other technologies.  Touch screen devices have existed as far back as the 80's.  I had no end of problems with an older model iPod connecting it to a WPA2 network which seemed to be an option 'out of the box' on devices that were considerably older (quite surprising) and i know most of the tech on the iPod is the same tech one finds in the iPhone.  I'm not even going to comment about the plagerism situation (history speaks for itself if you go back as far as the 70's), My Samsung Galaxy hasn't been charged for over 36 hours and the connection to wifi has been pretty good - but I will agree with you on the cheap plastic.  Its not a question about whos got the best tech, but whos got the best lawyers and the bias of the judge/jury.
+Roger Brandt  Samsung kies also lets you know when an update is available - and doesn't occasionally drop you back to a screen asking you to connect it to a computer (five times i have seen this on different iPhone models)
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