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Blog: I got a sampler of Okinawan Awamori — rice spirits — last summer, tried it over New Year and finally got around to write it up on the blog. I really like Awamori in general; it's more mellow and flavourful than Shōchū in my admittedly limited experience.
It's the Golden Week holidays — well, I'm at work today and tomorrow — and I'm trying to catch up on things. Here's a blog post that has been cooking for a long time now. Last summer I...
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A kind of unique spirits from Ryūkyū Kingdom. (I'm not sure the definition of 'spirits' well)
*BTW, your blogger font is shown as MS Gothic from Windows.
Odd. I'll try to look into it. Just need to find a windows machine somewhere first.
It seems to be as I remember: I purposely put only "sans-serif" as the font. So if your browser defaults to MS Gothic as the fallback sans font that's what you get.

The idea was that people have different taste in fonts, and this way I won't override the default fonts they have set. But perhaps that's not a good idea today? If almost all sites set a font of their own, then the default fallback may be quite bad in practice.

Perhaps time for an overhaul of the style in general.
"spirits" is basically any distilled alcohol. "liquor" is perhaps more common, but to me that feels specifically like highly flavoured drinks such as whisky or gin.

The Swedish cognate "sprit" captures my meaning perfectly, but of course I can't use that word in English text...
I don't think people mind about override font. High literacy ppl use text browser, low literacy ppl use IE. so it's not so big deal.
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