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This is an exciting development, but the implications for various analytics and tracking scripts are what I'm wondering about too. I'm curious to find out more details about what, specifically, will get executed and whether there's a way to opt a script out, aside from just robots.txt.
So Google is going to start executing JavaScript during the indexing process.

It will be interesting to see what the implications are for JavaScript based Digital Analytics systems, e.g. Google Analytics, and ad display networks.  I assume Google will black list known services and networks, but the announcement was mum on this point.

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MCC Scripts are something I've been excited about at +ROI Revolution, Inc. and it's great to see that they're fully launched now! There's so much potential for them to make the already awesome AdWords Scripts even more effective and to streamline reporting, monitoring, etc. across multiple accounts.
Introducing MCC Scripts: scalable and efficient management across accounts

The increase in constant connectivity means that the scale of your campaigns is growing, and that it’s more important than ever to effectively manage campaign details across multiple accounts. Last week we announced MCC (My Client Center) scripts ( - a powerful new way to manage your AdWords accounts at scale through simple JavaScript code. 

You can make cross-account changes, create customized reports, and even pull in data from your Google Spreadsheets, saving you time and helping you act quickly across multiple accounts. ROI Revolution, a retail-focused online advertising agency told us, “AdWords Scripts already gave us a quick and easy way to automate some of our monitoring and reporting. MCC Scripts save us even more time...we don’t have to copy and paste the same code over and over again, and if a script needs to be modified, we only have to make that change in one place now.” 

Here are some of the ways you can save time and take action at scale with MCC scripts:

High quality cross-account reports: Generate well-formatted custom reports in HTML, PDF ( or Google Spreadsheets for all of your client accounts. You can save these reports to Google Drive, to an external server, or include them as an email attachment.
Cross-account optimization: Analyze performance and adjust bids in all of your client accounts at scale.
Troubleshooting and maintenance tools: Scan your client accounts for potential issues like paused campaigns, broken URLs (, capped budgets, or conflicting negative keywords, for a few examples. 

To start using MCC scripts, log in to your My Client Center account, and navigate to My Client Center > Scripts. (See screenshot below)

Visit our Developer Blog ( to get access to our Getting Started Guide (, reference documents (, and example code snippets to get started. 

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Having the API names and the web names on here is so nice. I've been wishing for that for a long time!

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I can't wait to see what people do with this!
If you haven't heard yet, we just launched one of the most forward-looking developer products: the Google Drive Realtime API.  This API allows your application to build realtime collaboration on Google infrastructure with essentially no overhead.  This is huge.  The ability to add operational transforms into your application in a performant way with an established data model allows you to make game-changing updates to your app.  Don't think like a chat client, think like Google Docs: multiple cursors from multiple people in the same file at the same time editing the same words!

Check out the blog post below and our documentation for more, but if there's one thing you should be doing today it's checking out this API and building a test application.

I don't typically post personal things publicly to Google+, but this time I am for two reasons: advice and accountability.

I've never liked running. I've tried to like running, and I'm inspired by people who seem to truly enjoy it. It seems like such an ideal form of exercise, since you can do it inside or outside, at a gym or just around the neighborhood. But any time I've tried to get into it, I always end up stopping. I get bored and it feels like my body just doesn't want to be running. So, for the third (!) time, I started the couch to 5k program this week. This time, I'm going to stick with it and finish it and actually run a 5k after I complete it!

To make that happen, I decided I'm going to do some things differently. Instead of staring sadly at the timer on the treadmill (I run at the gym, because I'm not a fan of cold weather), I'm going to use Robert Ullrey's podcasts. This will hopefully keep me from getting so bored. I'm also going to try to go into it with a better attitude.

So, I'm posting here for the two reasons I mentioned at the beginning. By posting this here for you all to see, I'll be less likely to get lazy and give up. Also, I'm hoping that some of you have some advice for me. If you used to dislike running but found a way to enjoy it, what worked for you? I'd love to hear some tips!

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Our second installment of the GDG All Hands series hosted by +Van Riper  on Google Developers Live will be this Friday, December 14th, at 10am US Pacific time. The topic this time is Google Apps Script with +Arun Nagarajan as our guest Google Developer Advocate.

Recommended Hashtags: #GDL   #GDG   #AppsScript  

/cc +Louis Gray 

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Check out my latest blog post, about using open source JavaScript libraries in Apps Script. I specifically talk about my integration with the Underscore.js library, but I'd be interested to know what libraries you are using in your own projects.

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Yesterday we announced the winners of the Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012. Please visit the competition website to see the list of winners (including 3 All-Student teams) and check out their Google+ pages. We would like to congratulate all the winners and say a big thank you to all those who participated in and supported the competition. 

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If you haven't seen this yet, check it out!
Developers! Get your Chrome dev tools ready!
We have just launched JAM with Chrome — a new web app that lets you form your band online, in realtime, all using your favourite HTML5 features: Web Audio, WebSocket API, CSS3, SVG and Canvas.

Check out the first of our backstage articles on HTML5Rocks detailing how we used Web Audio in this project:

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On the Google Apps Developer blog today, we're highlighting some useful apps in the Chrome Web Store that were built using Apps Script.  #googleappsscript  
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