Nokia N9

What do you think about this behavior?
Scenario: I want to send an image from my N9 to my Mac. Bluetooth on the Mac is turned on. It's turned off on the smartphone.

N9 tells me Bluetooth is off. But if I select a recipient (my Mac), the action button on the top right gets active.

When I click "Continue" the image transfer immediately starts. So the N9 automatically turned Bluetooth on - without asking me! I like this.

But when the transfer is finished Bluetooth stays on/active on the N9. It was off before the image transfer and perhaps there is a reason it was off. The N9 turned it on without bothering me, because I did want to execute the image transfer... but now, when everything is donne I think the N9 should turn Bluetooth off again. Without asking me. Just turn it off again.

What do you think?

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