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What do you think, is this the way it really is? Important questions are asked, but are the answers correct?

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As I was reading this I found myself hoping this was some kind of straw man argument, because it would surprise me if serious marketers have collectively just decided to throw the basic principles of marketing out the window.

The "answers" given at the end have some very good points - but they mostly merely reiterate what every marketer should already know.

Social Media marketing is harder than traditional internet marketing, because it's harder (in many cases impossible) to split test a post, i.e. a tweet. Split testing the traffic resulting from a tweet is the same as always, but split testing what to write in one tweet is a LOT harder. One could send out he same message and/or link a few times during the day, with slightly different text, but then it becomes important to record all the available data points like time of day (local to the readers), Twitter client used by the readers etc. etc. Unless you a have quite a lot of followers it can be hard to get meaningful data from this kind of thing.

In any case it's important always try to understand who your followers/potential followers are when crafting a message. Every message should be seen as a paid ad in the sense that you should have a clear goal for the message in mind when crafting it, and a way to track the level of goal achievement. Here the goal can be more abstract than in a traditional AdWords ad where the goal is a click, and then a purchase/subscriber. But there should be a goal. And this is harder than simple tracking of clicks and purchases/subscriptions. In some cases it's like trying to measure the impact of placing your logo somewhere, which is hard or impossible; but I believe hat with careful thought and smart strategies it's possible to track the results of many of the more abstract goals as well.

The main thing is to not forget this mantra: Test, test, test! From the article, it seems most social media marketers have completely forgotten this (which is why I'm having trouble believing this article isn't one long straw man argument).
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I really love this video series from Google.

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Feel like trying a new sport? Let me suggest one. And wish you the best of luck.

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Very cool tool for creating highly customized alternatives to generic stock photos.

(thanks for the link, +Ingvild Moen)
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... and then later, when trying to cross the street ...

#car #street #crossing #accident
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Hello, If you add me and comment on this post I will add you back, so we can race each other. Looking forward to seeing you in-game!
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Add me back please. Looking forward to racing
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You may have seen this one. If not, you most definitely should. Right now.

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This would be incredibly funny, at the very least. #climatechangedenial  
The best proposal I've ever seen to make Congress actually do their friggin' jobs for once.
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So - Facebook just bought Oculus. I don't get it, do you?
We started Oculus with a vision of delivering incredible, affordable, and ubiquitous consumer virtual reality to the world. We’ve come a long way in the last 18 months: from foam core prototypes built in a garage to an incredible community of active and talented developers with more than 75,000 development kits ordered. In the process, we’ve defined what consumer virtual reality needs to be and what it’s going to require to deliver it. A few mont...
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Haha. Of course, their vision for Oculus is "somewhat" broader than that ;)
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So, today at work we borrowed a co-worker's car keys to check if his radio works.

#car #radio #destruction
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