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This is NOT-A-ZOMBIE circle, verified meat popsicles, dudes knowing how to +1, comment and share. Great photographers, art collectors and thinkers. Excellent people you need in your circles unless you love to live in a G+ desert.

Enjoy their company, add and reshare. #ZombieTuesday
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hooray, i`m no zombie :) but that`s not sure :) thanks for the inclusion +Jan Havrda ..wish you a nice day
I proceed from the assumption that zombies have no brains. You showed to be an active G+ user +Rznag Rmrod. Thank you!
Two beers ;) Loving to be in this not-a-zombie circle - although when I woke up this morning I felt like one :p
we love to have you here. next beer is on me 
A fine circle full of nice braaaaiiiins. Thanks again! :)
not-a-zombie!! nice one! ;)  +Jan Havrda   Thank you for including me man, i'll reshare the circle
How could I have missed this one ...? Thanks for putting this circle together and for the add! :)
Thanks for the inclusion!!!  Glad to be among the living ;-)
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