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I'm really curious about how IKEA will price this new camera. It won't change my business, but when IKEA does something they tend to do it properly.

Furthermore I find the name a little amusing: Knäppa is almost to danes what Knulla would be to swedes ;-)
Earlier this week a photograph of a mysterious IKEA digital camera crafted out of cardboard took the web by storm. Now more details are emerging and we now know that the camera is very much real. It w...
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It is a limited edition, there's only 50 or so per larger country and they are given away through sweepstakes.
At least that's what they said last week.
+Dirk Moeller Numerous articles tell otherwise, but it's really hard to say if they are all based on the same hoax, rumors or misleading information.
Yes, but as far as I can see, this is just an opportunity to win one before anyone else can get one. It doesn't say that the camera won't be available for sale later on. But I could be mistaken :-)
Well, german IT news portal Golem wrote that they won't be sold and are only available through sweepstakes, but who knows whether they are right, they haven't given any source to that claim. Let's wait and see then ;)
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