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Navigate development goals and targets #SDGs, names of Economic activities (#isic), and functions of government (#cofog), #GlobalPartnership  in 10 languages:

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支点在中国  Deutsch English español français  Indonesia

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SDG's as the world come to focus in 2016 onwards
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Second place with 4 answers in this Quora ranking.
The topic isn't very popular apparently.
#egov  #cofogWW
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Will you tag your contribution?
Will you #RaiseYourVoice  for the #GlobalGoals  ?

I will, and I will use these tags -  for reaching target audience in lasting manner.
This Blog Action Day we celebrate those heroes who raise their voice when faced with censorship, threats, and violence. We will raise our voices to defend their right to raise theirs. 

On October 16, we invite you to speak out with others around the world, as we support those who cannot do so safely. To showcase the power of our words, images, designs, videos and creativity by sharing our posts, and supporting partner organizations who all aim to protect and celebrate our blogging heroes and their ideas.

Join us, by being part of the global conversation on your own blog this Blog Action Day find out out how you can be a part at

We all have the power to create the world we want to see when we raise our voices online. However, for many of our fellow bloggers, citizen journalists and writers, each post they share comes at great personal risk. 2015 has seen unprecedented attacks on those who publish their ideas online. #RaiseYourVoice  
Blog Action Day 2015 - #RaiseYourVoice
Thu, October 15, 8:05 PM EDT

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One article about each of the #GlobalGoals  
Each will be tagged soon
#SDGs   #2030Agenda  
The Global Goals for Sustainable Development. After many months of collaboration and negotiation, UN Member States have designed a set of 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development that will frame the international agenda and policies over the next 15 years. These ambitious goals, also known as ...
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“Paul Otlet (1868-1944), founder of the Mundaneum”
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A new G+ collection by +Wikinetix :
about partnerships that can complement
the  (top-down)  #action2015  #GlobalPartnership 
in a bottom-up manner.
A G+ collection, devoted to  sustainable livelihoods partnerships in various sectors of economic activity.
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#2030Agenda in #Bhutan , #Thimphu ?  
Share your content using these hashtags:
#BTlgu for local news,
#sdgBT for development goals,
#isicBT for economy,
#cofogBT for governance.
#2030Agenda hashtags for #Bhutan : #sdgBT tags for goals, #isicBT tags for economic activities, #cofogBT tags for governance.
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Some "Learning for development" recommendations:
- become quicker at feedback
- from a planner to a surfer mentality
- give more value to people who understand local conditions
- put a capability in place to respond to feedback

The Learn4dev annual meeting was the perfect occasion to exchange with colleagues on new trends and capacity challenges. Below you will find inspiring keynote messages from two of the guest speakers:
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Ontology and capital - 
Ontological Design: Capital

Transforming money and credit move from being instruments that reinforce inequality into tools for genuine public service.

"A world after capitalism would transform money and credit from external forces that shape the lives of individual, into instruments that serve people. Two important steps would reduce the power of money:

[ Expanded Public Goods ]

First, there would be expanded public provision of key goods and services, think; housing, education, health, transport, pensions and insurance, making these available to all as a right. 

[ Creation of Information Commons ]

Second, there would be growth of a new commons, through the internet, making; information, the media, music and other goods, practically free at the point of consumption.  

[ Creative Flourishing ]

Creative interpersonal relations would flourish, giving greater depth to the arts, greater fairness and equality would go together with greater popular participation in literature, music, theatre and all the things that add color to human existence. 

[ Reduced Influence of Money ]

Money would become mostly a practical means of keeping accounts and delivering goods and services to people across society. At the same time money would offer the opportunity to exercise choice once basic needs were covered, by obtaining goods such as clothing, food, holidays, and so on, from the private sector.

[ Credit Security ]

Credit could similarly be reduced to practical and subsidiary role in individual life. There would be public banks, offering a secure outlet for saving while public pension schemes could allow choice on the proportion of income set aside for retirement.

[ Suppressing Speculation ]

Modern banks already possess databases and statistical techniques to assess and evaluate the credit worthiness of huge numbers of individuals, but they deploy these to make speculative loans, adopting this model led to the giant crises we're currently going through. An alternative society would take over these methods, using them to smooth consumption according to choice and without speculation. 

[ Post Capital Domination ]

Reducing the power of money and credit, would eliminate the poisonous role they now play in social, political, moral and ethical matters. The intrinsic merits and qualities of individuals, would have more scope to act as true means of distinction. Culture and the arts would be rid of the oppression of monetary wealth. Interpersonal relations would be freed of monetary calculations. The democratic process and the accountability of public office would be improved. With money and credit under control, society would gain a profound freedom.
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Would you agree that the +Tags for world and local affairs is the modern approach to making the internet the inclusive #Mundaneum  ?
Belgian visionary Otlet, one of the people often called the father of information science, together with his colleague Henri La Fontaine, founded an institution called the Mundaneum in 1910
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#isic0729US - Mining of other non-ferrous metal ores
#cofog0111US - Executive and legislative organs (CS)

More #isicUS and #cofogUS tags here:
Should jobs and economics take priority over history and recreation?
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