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Hi all,

i'm happy to announce Rex-1.4.1.

This is a new bugfix release, upgrade is recommended for all users.
Many thanks to all contributors who made this release possible.
We would welcome Andrew Solomon, Kent Fredric, Kirill Babikhin, Pierrick Dintrat, Rapenne Solène, Tamas Molnar as new contributors

To see a list of all changes, please visit

Packages for Ubuntu 16.04 are also available now.

Have a nice day,
-- The Rex Team

#perl   #devops   #rexops   #linux   #cfgmgmt  

New messaging system for the #RexOps   Community:

For people who don't like irc or want to install an irc client on their system or just "want to use new technologies" we now have another possibility to get in contact with us.

Feel free to register on

We are using the nice +Rocket.Chat  system which is an Open Source Web Chat Platform with nice features like searching the conversations, code highlighting and many more. Check out their features on and many thanks to +Sascha Askani to mention that software to me.

Our system is currently in "beta" state, so feel free to talk to us for improvements or bugs you find.

Have fun,

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GraphView 4.1 is on its way, with nice improvements. Scaling/Zooming is now super smooth and works better with dates, also the performance of LineGraph is improved by a factor of > 100 depending on how many data points you have :)

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Nice perl 6 slides.

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hi all,

I'm happy to announce Rex-1.4.0. This is a new minor release, adding new features, upgrade is recommended for all users.

As you may have noticed, the last release of Rex is around 6 months old. A lot has happened since then, and due to bigger internal changes, we wanted to be extra careful about the release, giving it as much time to bake as it needed.

The result is so far the biggest release of Rex, containing 4353 insertions and 1655 deletions happened to the lines of 118 files on 271 commits from 16 contributors, closing 93 PRs and 48 issues. To put it in perspective, this means ~30% of all files, and ~20% of all lines were touched in one way or another.

We couldn't have done this without the support of our fantastic community, keeping us busy with feedback, discussions both on- and offline, reporting issues, and sending pull requests. Thank you!

We are especially happy to have Eric Johnson (kablamo) to join the project as a new core developer. Most of the big things in this release were originally his ideas, and he was restless implementing them.

We would like to welcome H. Daniel Cesario, Harm Müller, Hiroki Matsuo, Jose Luis Perez Diez, Ken Crowell, Patrick Lauer, petersonchen, Prajithp as new contributors.

So as they say: good things come to those who wait

- Rex can now manage Linux Mint, Raspian and Arch Linux systems
- tasks return exit codes
- summary output at the end of run
- unified firewall management via a new resource
- ParamLookup has been merged into core from rex-recipes
- values from CMDB and task parameters are now available directly as template variables
- better late, than never: official debian 8 packages
- experimental vim highlight support (see this gist:
- rex can use development versioning on CPAN correctly now (e.g. for BETA or RC releases) to provide early access

Check out the release notes for full details:

have fun,
Rex development team

#perl #cfgmgmt #linux #devops

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+Ferenc Erki just uploaded the first release candidate for 1.4 (1.3.3_01) to cpan. with over 100 issues/PRs closed.
Feedback welcome


Larry Wall's Perl 6 Release Talk #perl #perl6

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A few minutes ago we switched to a new website system on
Now we're using Pitahaya as a content management system. Pitahaya is based on Perl, PostgreSQL and Sphinx and
is opensource. You'll find the source on

If you're interested in the tenant code for you'll find it here

If you find any problems don't hesitate to notify us :)

In the next months we're going to rollout this new system to all other websites of RexOps.

#rexops #perl #postgresql #sphinx  
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