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Designing Large Conversations

"If we want to drive change we are going to have to to build a new organizational model - and that requires us to build an architecture for large conversations". 

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Loving this!
Democratizing co-creation around design and production.
- How do we evolve our thinking in corporations to open up value creation?

Ping +John Kellden +Göran Gennvi
More thoughts, insights and further dialogue on PAW.

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Jan Friman commented on a post on Blogger.
Absolutely brilliant and beautiful. Yet i see no comments and interaction? How can that be? Traction and virality? What you guys are creating through Sceenius is absolutely awesome! Keep up the beauty and brilliance!

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One Wheel Drive.

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In a Future Near You. #MagicLeap

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We Belong.

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Oscar. Dude.
> The official presentation of Oscar, the modular body, now disconnected from its external blood supply and outside his sterile environment. Cornelis Vlasman demonstrates how the various modules work together as he connects them.

via +Andrea Graziano

// I love everything about this.

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"Don't destroy humans! I take it back".
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