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Is it just me or does Fleksy when correcting favor the amount of letters way too much? It always corrects to a word with the same amount of letters when it's really obvious the corrected word wasn't what was meant. Anybody also see this?

It seems the built in search bar redirects to Yahoo somehow (more specifically when clicking on a search item. This could easily be remedied by allowing the search bar to be replaced with a widget as the clock can.

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Google Smartbox looks like a nifty creation. I think I'll get one. Imagine all the things you can do with it.

I got a #Chromebook for Christmas. I got up in running in about...90 seconds.

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I just came across the best 404 error. Try it!

I have been trying to create a custom URL for my profile and under about, Links, I have the following message "Preapproved URLs, including" so it seems that I should be able to add the url but it still says that the url is taken. Is it due to the fact that I used my GVoice number to verify?
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