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Theorem 1: Toasts always land butter side down.
Theorem 2: Cats always land on their feet.
Theorem 1 + Theorem 2 = awesomeness
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Why is this happening ? I want to continue !!

Is the pch-2000 available outside of japan yet ? If not does it work if taken outside of japan and does it have english as a language ?

I thought I was so smart until I had to google: "how to remove visual studio 2010" :/

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To falcon users try this shit

this is a tough one well at least for me .. how to build a torrent client for android ?
I know a lot of you would suggest an existing torrent client but thanks I want to try building one.
If any one have an idea please leave a comment.

What is conky?

Happy thanks giving guys

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Aviate launcher ;)
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