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Jamil Chughtai
You're like me, aren't you? You can see things others cannot.
You're like me, aren't you? You can see things others cannot.

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I'm still not sure what will come of this. My predictions are focused in other areas right now. Reply hazy. Try again later.

And yet, time after time, I am still surprised to see this here. What am I to do?

As far as the foreseeable future goes, this will meet its demise soon enough. The scaffold of what it is will be used to build something anew.

I do have to admit that I am surprised that we're still here. I am reminded of Google Buzz, if you remember that.

Well, I don't know anyone that claims to not support the troops or support local businesses. Perhaps that could be presumed automatically.

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And, I might add, that I will be using them again in the near future, recreational budget allowing.
Junk King takes #junkremoval to another level by doing all the work, and leaving you with a #junkfree space. #beforeandafter

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Used them for getting rid of a lot of junk at my childhood home. Would recommend to anyone in St. Louis!
The spark isn't lost you just can't find it under all that #junk Fall in love with your space again by letting Junk King #haulaway the mess. 

There will be no amount of renewal that can inject life into this particular project.

The successor to this has yet to show itself; that which appears around us today will be around tomorrow.

Sometimes, there isn't much to say and that's okay.
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