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Jamie Turner
Programmer, Drummer, Dad
Programmer, Drummer, Dad

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Great points, great points...

I wanted a better diff viewer, so I made one called λiff. (lamb-diff). If you're a big nerd like me and you have the haskell platform installed on a linux machine (mac might work?), you can `cabal install` it--and please let me know how it goes!

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Bill Simmons's is fantastic; so glad there are still some places where compelling sportswriting is practiced.

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Our name's on the sign now.

One week into using the Evo 3D, and I'm surprisingly pleased. It's the best phone I've ever used--and I certainly wouldn't have said that about the first evo. Oh yeah--I've logged a grand total of 10 minutes in "3D" time, so "meh" on that front. The novelty wears off rather quickly, but that's about what I was expecting.

Arg, by the time I got logged in here they turned invites off again. C'mon people!

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Gotta say, google+ is pretty well done.
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