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I need to make WHITE paint.... How???
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ummmm...can you just buy white paint?  Cuz that seems easier than creating it.
lol, I wasn't going shopping... (and, um, my town is dinky and wouldn't have any...) -- and I'd like to use it tomorrow.... :P 
+Jamie Reimer You are out of my skill set here.  Have lots of white out?  Does anyone even HAVE white out anymore?
I think I've come up with an alternative idea to not use paint... but I would like paint still instead! But I think this will work....
If you don't have shaving cream and glue you can try to make milk paint. You'd need milk and lemon juice. Maybe borax? I haven't done it since high school so you'd have to google it to get the exact directions. Good luck!
I was planning on shaving cream and glue - but I like this Borax idea. I have a box of it and never use it. I should use it up. I'll have to search that. Thanks for that idea +Megan Sheakoski !
I ended up doing the shaving cream and glue, I think it'll turn out awesome. Its drying overnight.
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