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Please watch 'The Men Who Made Us Fat' airing on BBC2 in the UK at 9pm on Thursday 14th June - it's a new documentary created by my production company Fresh One and presented by Jacques Peretti.

The series lifts the lid on the sweetener made from corn syrup and how it has direct links to obesity. Two-thirds of the British public are overweight, and a quarter are classified as obese. The average person in the UK is three stone heavier than 50 years ago, and obesity costs the NHS more than £4bn a year. This is a must watch!
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Apart from the realisation that we have had our food well and truly messed around with , we also have to accept that we have all been 'lab rats' for the food industry to see just how sick we would become before it was of international concern...well now we can say...congratulations ! you in the food industry have made us sick, undernourished and unaware of what real food is, but don't worry we are seeing you in all your disingenuous glory! Never a more true name than a 'fat cat' for these it, be astounded and vote with your feet....keep up the good work Jamie !
Our entire family has gone primal / paleo and it has been the best decision we have ever done (not that we ate loads of processed food as I cook from scratch but all the wrong things).  
Well I certainly never find the best mix but when I try this is how I choose my veggie  ingredients:
1. Organic and locally produced
2. Locally produced
3. Fresh without any refrigeration
4. Supermarket stuff
I watched this and thought it was a good start ... however, i think HFCS got off too easily, as did the lobbiests.
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