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Hi guys heres todays #recipeoftheday. Sweet crispy Asian duck legs cooked with plums. Yummy
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Hmmmmmmmm what a mouth watering dish!!!!
Oliver can you give me the ingredient you used to prepare this dish?
yammmmmmmmy gonna be hungry this time....
ewwwwww i can nevere eat DUCK
hahahahaha Dee it taste oooooo delicious... hahahahhaahmmmmm
not going to try it
duck "woku"  or "rica-rica" so delighfull , spesial here
Be great to see +Jamie Oliver do a hangout with a live demo of the picture. Any chance it might happen whoever is managing this feed?
I'll eat it all but the duck legs. I know the shtick that Americans are wasteful about food while many Europeans don't waste any part of an animal. Well we don't either we just call it hot dogs, jello. and instant pudding mix. Personally, I just don't want to eat the feet of animals, they should be allowed to be at rest seeing as they spent most of their lives.
Mmmm, I love duck made this way. My supermarked usually have nice duck legs, maybe I should do this soon.
I think I need that. Hopefully it's American because I'm not indulging in any un-American fish! 
Thank you for cooking inspiration... Interesting ... Is it possible to use chicken legs instead of duck?
+Zachary Snyder huh???  Not indulging in any un-american fish???  Not entirely sure what you mean by that.  Duck isn't fish - duck is duck!  Quack!

You could use pork or chicken with this meal and it would be very very yummy!!!!

+Chelle Killilea you aren't eating the feet of the duck just the thighs and the drumstick that's all!!! 
I was actually thinking of fish and my fingers didn't even listen to my brain.
Marvelous! Just by watching Jamie cooking, makes me feel like "I wanna cook great dishes forever"!!!!!!!!!!!!! It´s inspiring! thanks Jamie.
The cover photo doesn't look too appealing. Am I right? You know that I am.
+Amanda Evans Jamie has done LOTS to do with highlighting animal welfare here int he UK!  Fish, pigs and chickens just to name a few!  
Jamie, your food always looks mouthwatering and unique. Only gino or Marco could come a close second. I can cook but yours is number one in the top ten. X
ewwww no way ur all gross
que buena pinta tiene es comida, a mi me encanta cocinar
 love cooking, I worked three years in a Greek food restaurant,,this dish looks very good!
Berta says: that's food looks delighted !! I'd love cook!!!
wow ,really look good.
have any man and female for online job Real.
Hmmmmmmm...... Is it so god hmmmm.....
I really wanna cook like how you did!lt amazing and i am touched as always:)
she means (i think) she wants to try the respie 
weird but my dad would like it!
he likes experamenting!
Hmmmmmmm............ I wil maby make it =-O
So call me maby so hate this lalalalalalalala. Love and pease every butty
jamie who threw up on your food?
looks so good yet i have no idea  on hiw to cook
okk love what are u doing at work yh mate  but how is the little one is she all right yh babe lol
why are u adding me for i do nott know u so why are u adding me
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